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White Gorilla Haze

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Genetics Silver Haze x Amnesia Haze x Gorilla Glue
Type sativa-indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC high
High potent up-high, creative, psychedelic, dreamy
Aroma coffee, pine, citrus, Haze 
Flowering time
Plant height medium-tall



White Gorilla Haze brings together the world-class resin production of Gorilla Glue and soaring high of the finest Haze strains. It was created through a three-way fusion of Amnesia Haze, the all-time great Silver Haze and Gorilla Glue from California.

This strain can thrive in a greenhouse or Mediterranean climate. Growing outdoors allows this hybrid to reach its full size, and greatly increases the yield. However, it may require support as its slender branches may be weighed down by buds at the end of the summer.

Indoors is where White Gorilla Haze most easily reaches full potential of yield and resin production. The plants usually increase 2-3x in height during flowering. This means that seed plants and clones can be put into flower at 30 cm or less, to reach a final height of around 100 cm. SOG, ScrOG and lollipopping can maximize yield.

Resin production begins early. The fastest flowering phenotypes of White Gorilla Haze have the most solid flower clusters and the least internodal expansion. The buds of medium- and long-flowering plants usually ‘run’ along stem and branches as their calyxes swell in size. This closes the gaps and creates huge colas.

All phenotypes of White Gorilla Haze have outstanding resin production. Harvested buds remain sticky to touch even when dried and cured. Like its Gorilla Glue parent, breaking up the flower clusters of White Gorilla Haze by hand can leave fingers almost glued together by resin. It may even gum up scissors and grinders!

The odour of White Gorilla Haze remains subtle throughout cultivation. Dry buds have a Haze smell with notes of coffee, pine and citrus. Resin density enhances this strains potency. Even advanced smokers are advised to test a smaller sample than they would normally consume. Expect an intense, sky-high sativa effect, ranging from dreamy and creative, to almost psychedelic. This is an energetic smoke that more suited to daytime use. When accustomed to its potency, White Gorilla Haze is an ideal choice for vaporizing, as gentle heating makes the most of its copious resin glands. It’s possible to generate a surprising amount of vapour from the smallest buds, and even from its manicured leaves.

Top Features

  • new strain 2020
  • hash strain
  • high potency

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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F. (United States)
Extra Gooey with a high yield

This plant was a bit sensitive to nutrient deficiency, however, it recovered and still provided an amazing yield in terms of weight although it looked feeble and sick before harvest. Flower clusters were massive and extra sticky. Trimming was a breeze. Harvests in early-mid October at the 34th parallel in Western US. High is on the clear side.