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Wedding Cheesecake - Mandala Seeds Shop Sensi White Label

Wedding Cheesecake

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Genetics Cheese x Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Kush (AKA Cherry Pie)
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC medium-high
High uplifting, positive, social, creative, body stone, couch lock
Aroma cheese, skunky, sweet, berry 
Flowering time
Plant height medium



Wedding Cheesecake has a complex parentage that includes OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Purple Urkel. There are also some all-time greats from Sensi Seeds such as Hindu Kush, Big Bud, and Durban. Wedding Cheesecake by White Label display desirable traits from five generations of breeding. These include the complex flavour profile, unbelievable resin production, and huge buds.

Wedding Cheesecake grows best indoors or in a sunny climate. As a fast, low-maintenance strain it can be cultivated by beginners as well. The most important factors for this variety are a strong light source and low humidity. Growers should also bear in mind that this strain has a strong odour from the start - so its not stealthy!

Pruning branches completely to allow close spacing (lollipopping) is not advised. However, a sea of green style is possible as well as topping the main stems of larger plants to increase budding sites and overall yield. Wedding Cheesecake typically doubles in size as it flowers, with some plants adding 150% to their height. A few plants may triple their height during flowering.

White Label Wedding Cheesecake flowers quickly and vigorously, forming massive, weighty colas on the upper half of its main stem and branches. Dry buds have an awesome terpene profile inherited from Wedding Cheesecake’s pedigree lineage. The strongest element is inherited from Cheese – a fantastically pungent Skunk with strong, sweet, berry overtones. This is accompanied by lemon cleaner, earthy and woody notes.

It goes without saying that White Label Wedding Cheesecake has an extremely powerful effect, and should be handled with care even by more experienced smokers. On first encounter, it’s advisable to inhale one or two moderate test puffs, then wait a short while to see how strong the effects are. The high is generally positive and uplifting, but the effects can range from heavy, contemplative, full-body relaxation, to  talkative, creative, and even psychedelic experiences.

Top Features

  • hash strain
  • easy to grow
  • intense aroma

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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