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Genetics Panama
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
High cerebral, psychedelic, euphoric, energetic, creative
Aroma lemon, vanilla, earthy
Harvest time mid-end October
Flowering time (indoor)
11-12 weeks
Plant height tall



This Panama hybrid combines three excellent Panamanian Sativas. It is one of the most popular, powerful and productive Sativa's bred by Cannabiogen. A much worked and very powerful hybrid with a high vegetative vigour. It produces long, dense and resinous flowers, displaying beautiful reddish and pinkish tones. The aroma and the effect is as close to the best Colombian and Panamanian varieties of the 70s that you can find.

It adapts perfectly to all types of crops both indoors and outdoors. The best environment for its optimal development is Mediterranean and sunny climates. It is in these places where we will achieve its maximum development with larger and more productive plants. The plants grow in christmas tree shapes with numerous fine, elongated leaves.

The Panama makes all our senses work thanks to its extraordinary combination of sweet and fruity flavors and aromas. It provides a smoke full of nuances of lemon, vanilla and earth, which will satisfy both novice and experienced smokers.

Its effect is clearly sativa, providing us a very euphoric and stimulating mental high as well as psychedelic effects. A helpful strain to lift depression and lack of motivation. It will make us enjoy great moments of leisure for a long period of time. This marijuana is ideal to smoke for creative inspiration as well.

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