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Northern Lights

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Genetics Afghan
Type indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC medium
High body stone, relaxing, moderate Sativa effect 
Aroma fruity, pine, lemon 
Flowering time (indoor)
45-55 days
Harvest time (outdoor) September-Ocotber
>500 gr/m2
Plant height medium



Northern Lights has a long history and is considered one of the great classic strains in the old school repertoire. Plants grow short, compact, bushy and broad-leaved. The Indica dominance can also be detected in the high, which is relaxing and serene. Thanks to the genetics being back-crossed with the original Afghani plant, the strain is swift to flower, and produces solid resinous buds. This is a good cash-crop strain and to maximize harvests per year due to its short flowering time.

Northern Lights feminized yields are particularly impressive relative to the short flowering time. Indoors, it’s not uncommon for growers to harvest around 500-550 grams/m2. Outdoor a single plant can produce around 575-625 grams.

Mediterranean climates are ideal for Northern Lights as it grows well in warm, sunny countries that have reliably long summers. The plants are well suited to a variety of different training systems like SCROG and super-cropping. White Label Northern Lights doesn’t produce much odour while growing. This is a big advantage for those that want to cultivate it discreetly. The plants have a subtle earthy, spicy smell, which doesn’t really strengthen until after the buds are harvested. Cured buds have a more noticeable aroma, with hints of fruit and pine, as well as the original tangy-lemon earthiness. The stone is heady, relaxing and intense, with some claiming to feel more creative or thoughtful while experiencing it.

Top Features

  • old school genetics
  • easy to grow
  • fast flowering
  • stealthy aroma

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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