Green Honduras Haze (Limited Edition)

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Genetics Green Haze #19 x Honduran Sativa
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 12-17%
High stimulating, cerebral, social, euphoric, clear
Aroma spicy, incense, cedar, fruity
Flowering time (indoor) 14-18 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) December
Yield high
Plant height tall



Green Honduras Haze is a cross between Green Haze #19 mother and the best first generation Honduran Sativa males, creating an extremely tropical, vigorous and productive 100% sativa. She has all the personality and qualities of the best green Colombian Sativa's of the 1960's-70's. Its psychoactivity and terpene profiles of Haze and old Colombians will take you back decades... to when true Sativas had no trace of Indica influence.

Green Honduras Haze shows an identical growth structure and floral development of pure Green Haze, which in the right conditions of strong light intensity and stable, warm conditions will produce successive and abundant reflowerings, generating gigantic final yields thanks to the hybrid vigour provided by Honduras, in itself a very productive pure sativa. The Honduran influence also shortens flowering time of the Haze by 2-3 weeks, without even slightly diluting the extreme sativa profile that we expect from this type of hybrid, but instead augmenting it. Excellent resistance against rains and fungal pathogens such as botrytis, due to the ‘tropical blood’ that runs through the veins of this hybrid and because of its pure Sativa floral structures.

Green Honduras Haze has a stimulating effect, both physically and mentally, completely clean, encouraging conversation, expansiveness and activity. The effect is of moderate duration and initial potency, but of great quality and without ceiling or tolerance limits. When the effect fades it does not leave any kind of mental or physical heaviness or numbness.

The Green Haze #19 parent is the best Green Haze mother and has been used previously to develop successful pure sativa hybrids, from the excellent Panama Haze to the limited edition of Green Haze x Thai. Green Honduras Haze undoubtedly follows the trail of Green Haze x Thai for cleaner and euphoric Haze hybrids, although Green Honduras Haze is far more productive.


Top Features

  • best Colombian genetics
  • pure Sativa landrace
  • stimulating effect
  • high mold resistance
  • high heat resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use


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