Girl Scout Cookies Auto

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Genetics Girl Scout Cookies Auto
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >20%
CBD <1%
High giggly, euphoria, body stone, couchlock, relaxing, sedative
Aroma sweet, earthy, kush, minty, cookie
Harvest time (outdoor) 9-10 weeks
Harvest time (indoor) 56-63 days
Yield 450-600 gr/m2
Plant height medium



One of our best selling and most renowned strains, Girl Scout Cookies Auto boasts a hefty 20% THC, an extra-large yield, and that fantastic, sought-after cookie flavor. The famous Cali cookie genetics are a cinch to grow, indoors or out, and produce dense, sparkling nugs. This is our huge yielding, sticky resin machine.

Flaring different shades of green, these buds are a complex mix up of dark and light green, with spots of lighter colorings in between. This elegant mismatch of colors is topped off by dense sprinklings of crystals and orange pistils. Giving these cookies quite the bag appeal.

A nice body glow, matched with an intense head rush. What starts off as an intense head rush, giggles and euphoria, rapidly morphs into a heavy body high, couch locking and muscle relaxing. Delicious in extractions or spliffs alike, this slightly Indica leaning hybrid will give users a beautiful mix of cerebral buzz and body relaxation.

Wispy leaves, the plant will grow in platforms of sugar leaves, bud formations, and more sugar leaves, leaving space for a compact cola growth on top, as well as good internodal spacing in between each bud formation. Towards the final weeks the leaves, as well as the buds, will get densely covered in crystals giving the plant a delicious frosty touch. Growers can expect a plant to reach around 60-100 cm in height, and should fully mature by week 10. Experienced growers can definitely think about some LST with this strain, thanks to her good internodal spacing, allowing better light penetration. An overall easy-going plant, still we strongly recommend to check pH levels in water, making sure it stays around 6.5 as to not risk damaging or stunting the plant's growth. Growers will see a final bulky swell in the final weeks of maturation.

An elaborate blend of earthy kushy flavorings, combined with subtle minty touches and fruity undertones makes the overall taste quite sweet and cookie-like.


Top Features

  • hash plant
  • delicious aroma
  • easy to grow
  • compact plant for small spaces

Medical Info

  • muscle relaxant
  • anti-stress
  • broad spectrum use

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