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Genetics Colombia, South East Asia
Type sativa-indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 18.5-20%
High social, happy, uplifting, chilling
Aroma herbal, frankincense, sage, minty, sweet
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Flowering time (indoor) 65-72 days
Yield dry (organic) 350-500 gr/m2; 600-1000 gr. p.p. outdoor in the ground
Plant height medium



With this strain we offer a connoisseur quality smoke at an amazing price. Chill-OM is also a good beginner strain, delivering a satisfying yield with just basic plant care. It has all the benefits of hybrid vigour, nutrient efficiency, and the versatility of growing well under many different cultivation methods.

Chill-OM grows vigorously and has well-defined, yet space saving, branching to provide excellent cuttings. It is also perfect for sea of green or close planting. This strain shows moderate phenotype variation that is mainly expressed in plant height during flowering. The tallest females will be the best choice as mother plants if you are aiming for maximum yield. They can also produce bumper crops outdoor - with long central colas that resemble a giant bong. Shorter females are excellent for small spaces, or for the balcony in regions with warm temperate or hot summers. Of course, you can easily modify height by pruning down a tall plant, or raising a shorter one with an upturned container. If you are growing Chill-OM indoor from seed you should not exceed the 4 week vegetative period in soil. This will prevent issues with the un-pruned plants of the taller pheno since growth is fast and strong. The max. height of a tall female under these conditions will be around 150 cm/4.9 feet under 400-600W HPS. Pest and mould resistance is good and outdoor plants have survival capabilities against harsher weather due to their robustness. 

The buds are dense and have great 'bag appeal'. When crushed in a grinder, an interesting aromatic blend of frankincense and sage arises from the sticky buds. The smoke is smooth and rich, with a minty aftertaste on the exhale that leaves a pleasant freshness on the tongue like peppermint gum. Chill-OM strikes a perfect balance between potency and everyday enjoyability. After a quick cerebral onset it triggers the feel-good physical sensations. The high then reaches an even and motivating stone that is pleasantly relaxing, yet leaves you with enough energy for socialising or doing something creative. This marijuana can be fun for gaming, hanging out with friends, or watching a good movie. It's vibe is sensual and playful, enhancing the pleasure in whatever you are doing. As the name suggests, Chill-OM is perfect for laid-back hours and leaves a state of well being behind. Have fun and chill out!

Top Features

  • smooth & functional sativa high
  • easy to grow
  • high mold resistance


Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

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C. (Ukraine)
Best for work

I have been a programmer for many years and like to program with marijuana - it helps not to be distracted, to be focused on work, relieves fatigue. of the strains I have tried for this purpose (Satori, 8 Miles High, Beyond the Brain, Chill-OM, Kalichakra) - Chill-OM is my favorite. My algorithms are getting better and more creative.
Many thanks to Mandala for functional strains: my favorites for work, rest, and sleep!

L. (United States)
Chill Om is so easy to grow.

I have grown Chill Om 2 years in a row. Its a real easy to grow plant. I just put some seeds in the ground in mid may. I fed it twice with fox farm and just let it go. It came out great both years. The first years was a big purple plant. Last year it had buds big as my arm. It smells really loud. Don't let the lower price keep you from trying this plant. Thanks everyone at Mandala.