CBG-Force - Mandala Seeds Shop Dutch Passion
CBG-Force - Mandala Seeds Shop Dutch Passion
CBG-Force - Mandala Seeds Shop Dutch Passion
CBG-Force - Mandala Seeds Shop Dutch Passion
CBG-Force - Mandala Seeds Shop Dutch Passion


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CBG genetics
Type hybrid
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC <0.2%
High mental clarity, mild physical effects
Aroma fruity, lemon, grapefruit, melon, creamy, spicy, pine
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Flowering time (indoor) 7-9 weeks
Yield (indoor) 400-500 gr/m2 
Plant height short-medium



CBG-Force is a CBG-rich photoperiod cannabis variety. Plants grown from CBG-Force feminized seeds typically have THC levels below 0.2% and CBG levels up to about 15%.

CBG (cannabigerol) is causing a great deal of excitement and interest from the medical world and its potential therapeutic applications. CBG-Force is a 'research' variety that originated from a unique old gene pool and years of applying 'selective breeding' techniques.

CBG-Force has an average flowering time of between 7-9 weeks. Most phenotypes are ready to harvest around 7-8 weeks after switching to 12/12 light cycle. Outdoors, this strain will flower after summer solstice. It's a strain mainly for indoor cultivation but can be grown successfully outdoors in favourable conditions. Especially when you select the fastest phenotypes for outdoor growing. For greenhouses, a warm/dry climate or low humidity is best. The more unstable and colder the climate, the longer it will take to fully mature. Preferably provide a shelter and sufficient ventilation to minimise the risk of bud mold.

CBG-Force is easy to grow, has low odour, and is high yielding under good conditions. She does well in coco fibre or soil. Due to her good branching characteristics, this strain also lends herself to SCROG cultivation and the use of different growing techniques that allow the height of the plant to be manipulated.

With a THC level of less than 0.2%, this strain will be legal in most countries, just like legal hemp. The buds look the same as normal THC-rich plants and have the same structure. It's a great smoking experience, especially for those looking for a cannabis-light experience with real connoisseur quality. Because the THC levels are so low, the effects of CBG-Force are not psychoactive. This means it won't get you high and is primarily for medical use in treatments where CBG can be of benefit.

Several users experience feelings of well-being, allowing you to unwind and feel relaxed. It is a kind of 'down-to-earth feeling' with mild physical effects. After inhaling CBG, you won't feel the intoxicating effects like an active, mental uplifting high that you may have experienced with THC-rich cannabis, but rather a more relaxed body high.

Some medical users report that they experience a strong sense of mental clarity after smoking CBG, a feeling comparable with the effects of CBD-rich cannabis strains. Cannabigerol is know to assist in increasing focus and attention span. An unexpected, but positive, effect that was observed by Dutch Passion test smokers was that the desire/craving for tobacco and THC-rich cannabis disappeared after smoking CBG-rich cannabis.

Difference between CBD and CBG

CBD has more extensive research and is mainly recommended for treating pain and inflammation. CBD has been highlighted by many studies as a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that can be used in a wide range of conditions, from inflammation to chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addiction, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and neuro-degeneration.

The research on CBG is just beginning, but current findings suggest it may help with:

Appetite loss
Bacterial infections
Bladder dysfunctions
Huntington’s disease
Inflammatory bowel disease

While the above list looks promising, it’s important to remember that studies only suggest these benefits. Much more research is needed to fully understand how CBG affects our health. First and foremost, you should only use CBG when you really need it. Since CBG binds to CB1 receptors, it can desensitize them over time, making the effects less pronounced. The CB1 receptors occur in the central and peripheral nervous system, engaging with your brain’s neurotransmitters. Save your CBG medical marijuana for when you have the most challenging mental activities ahead of you or for treating illness. Ideally, discuss your treatment plan with a medical professional experienced in this area.

Top Features

  • CBG strain

Medical Info

  • appetite loss
  • bacterial infections
  • bladder dysfunctions
  • cancer
  • glaucoma
  • Huntington’s disease
  • inflammatory bowel disease

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