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Afghani x Thai x Mexican
Type 80% indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >20%
High clear, euphoric, relaxing
Aroma fruity, berry
Harvest time (outdoor) September-October
Flowering time (indoor) 9 weeks
Yield (indoor) medium
Plant height medium



The famous Blueberry, originating from the 1970's, is a heavily resinous strain consisting mainly of an Afghani Indica. The Sativa genetics come from a Thai Sativa and to a minor degree also from an Oaxacan (Mexican) Sativa. This unique three-way cross is the genetic foundation for the Blueberry strain and her many offspring.

Most plants have a compact growth pattern with sturdy stems and very large, broad fan leaves. The internodes can be quite close together and stems can turn purple. Blueberry can also produce some beautiful colours in the leaves and flowers. Anyone that enjoys the rich taste and great visual appeal of Purple Kush weed will love growing Blueberry seeds. Both varieties offer blue and purple hues to the buds along with a THC rich, indulgent smoke quality.

Original Blueberry achieved a legendary status along with an immense number of followers. During more recent years Blueberry has been used to make countless new and popular crosses such as Skywalker OG), Blueberry Headband, and Blue Cookies just to name a few.

Despite being about 80% Indica dominant, the high is not too stoney or sleepy. It has a strong effect and the right amount of Sativa genes to make the high clear and euphoric. Blueberry has a perfectly balanced high which makes it useful for morning and daytime use. It will not knock you out although it will definitely medicate you sufficiently. With THC levels reaching 20% this is definitely a powerful variety.

Top Features

  • original Blueberry genetics
  • tasty fruity, berry strain
  • purple strain
  • strong high

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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