Blackberry Auto

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Genetics Blackberry Auto
Type mainly indica
Cultivation indoor/greenhouse
THC >23%
CBD <1%
High couchlock, relaxing, sedative
Aroma berry, earthy, kush
Harvest time (outdoor) 9-10 weeks
Harvest time (indoor) 9-10 weeks
Yield 450-600 gr/m2 / outdoor 50-250 gr/plant
Plant height medium



Fast Buds Blackberry Auto took first place at the Oregon Autoflower cup and is a great choice for first growers and Indica fans. This strain boasts up to 23% THC and is made up of some of our finest genetics, making it a tall growing plant with a great harvest reaching up to 110cm in height.

Buds are like round plump berries, oozing with berriful resin. Users will get great delight as these deep purple buds are crumbled up into the grinder. As a potent Indica, novices may find its effects very couch-locking, making you feel lazy and sleepy. Cannabis connoisseurs, on the other hand, will enjoy the relaxing fruity body high making it the perfect smoke for that peaceful evening moment of quiet.

The Blackberry Auto plants have an Indica-like structure with a very bushy growth. Tight internodal spacing and a swollen main cola developing in the center. Growers can expect a plant of up to 1.1m and rich purple hues covering the plant from leaf to bud. Cover her basic needs of water, light, and humidity and you’ll have your very own Blackberry bush within no time. More experienced growers can attempt some light defoliation to help light access. Ideally, she’ll do her best with 18 hours of light daily. Make sure to go easy on the nutriments and start flushing two weeks before harvesting.


Top Features

  • hash plant
  • delicious aroma
  • easy to grow
  • high pest resistance
  • compact plant for small spaces

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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