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Banana Kush

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Genetics Silver Haze x Skunk Kush x NYC Diesel
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC medium-high
High relaxing, social, creative, happy, body stone
Aroma sweet, banana, citrus, spicy, hashy 
Flowering time
7-9 weeks
Plant height medium



This new four-way hybrid produces robust plants with fast, productive flowering. White Label Banana Kush have high THC levels and produce a potent, relaxing effect. Skunk Kush is part of the paternal side, while OG Kush is the mother plant used to make White Label Banana Kush.

Vegetative growth is vigorous and reliable. Most plants develop a thick, productive main stem, and sturdy branches with short internodes. Plants typically double in size during flowering. Before the midpoint of flowering time, this strain will produce several small, solid, resinous calyxes at each node. These quickly build into thick bud sites. Flower clusters often take on a conical or pyramidal shape. 

White Label Banana Kush is remarkably low-maintenance, and plants can mostly be left to their own devices until harvest time. Humidity should be kept low in the second half of flowering, due to the size and tight formation of the buds. Like many heavy indica strains Banana Kush need plenty of nutrients to produce optimum results. With the right level of care, the plants tend to produce bumper harvests.

The buds are large and resiny with a sweet taste like banana, sugar, citrus, mixed with spicy hash. During flowering the odour is not overpowering. However, growers should take note that it is likely to increase as harvest approaches.

Unlike some other Kush strains the powerful body-high is balanced with a sativa effect. Banana Kush’s warm, relaxing euphoric effect is felt almost immediately. The Haze part of its cannabinoid profile begins shortly afterwards, lifting the high and making it more conducive to conversation, laughter and creativity.


Top Features

  • new strain 2020
  • delicious aroma
  • easy to grow

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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