Purple Honduras Haze (Limited Edition)

Purple Honduras Haze (Limited Edition)

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Genetics Purple Haze #23 x Honduras
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 12-14%
High cerebral, clear, no ceiling
Aroma cedar, spicy, sandalwood, sage, incense, blackberry, red wine
Flowering time (indoor) 14-18 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) December
Yield high
Plant height medium



Purple Honduras Haze is a cross between Purple Haze #23 mother and the best 1st generation Honduras Sativa males (purple, high yielding Colombian phenotype). The hybrid is extremely vigorous and productive, with the qualities of the best old purple Colombian Sativa's. Its psychoactivity and the Haze and heirloom Colombian terpene profiles will transport you back decades to when the true Sativa's had no trace of Indica influence.

Purple Honduras Haze has a growth and flower development virtually identical to pure Purple Haze, which in the right conditions of strong light intensity and stable warm temperatures produces successive and abundant reflowerings, generating gigantic final yields thanks to the hybrid vigour provided by Honduras, in itself a very productive pure Sativa. The Honduras also shortens the flowering time of the Haze by 2-3 weeks, not interfering even slightly with the extreme Sativa profile that we seek with this type of cross, rather amplifying it instead. Excellent resistance against rains and against fungi such as botrytis.

Due to its extreme tropical sativa genotype, indoors it is mainly recommended for lovers of pure Sativa's, although with patience, strong light intensity and with the adequate care, cultivators with a green thumb can obtain huge yields.

Outdoors it requires a tropical or subtropical climate to show its full potential of production and potency. Although it can be cultivated easily between 20º-37ºN a warm coastal climate with mild autumns (similar to the Mediterranean zone), or the use of greenhouse is recommended.

The plants requires low nutrient levels throughout the life cycle. Moderate/slightly high P-K levels at the peak of the most abundant reflowerings may be necessary indoors. Outdoors mix a good organic base substrate, rich in guano and humus, plant them in soil in a sunny place and leave them to grow at their own pace without using fertilisers or stimulants.

Purple Honduras Haze differs from its sister Green Honduras Haze by having, on average, a taller structure and generally finishing the bloom period (especially at low temperatures in the second half of flowering) with beautiful purple and reddish colours so characteristic of purple Highland Colombians. Both strains share a very similar personality, psychoactivity, and terpene profiles.

The effect of Purple Honduras Haze is stimulating, both physically and mentally, completely clean, encouraging conversation and activity, although a touch more introspective than the Green Honduras Haze. The effect is of moderate initial potency and duration, but of great quality and without ceiling or tolerance limit, allowing users to get higher and higher, reaching the stratosphere with no restraint to its cerebral psychoactivity. Once the effect fades it does not leave any kind of mental or physical heaviness or numbness.


Top Features

  • rare landrace Sativa
  • high mold resistance
  • high heat resistance
  • cerebral, clear effect

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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