Nicole Hindu Kush

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Genetics Hindu Kush
Type mostly indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC high
High relaxing, body stone, calming, euphoria
Aroma sweet, sandalwood, lemongrass
Flowering time
Plant height medium



White Label Nicole Hindu Kush is a new sturdy strain, with dark foliage, strong branching and heavy central cola. Its low-maintenance makes it suitable for beginners. 

Almost pure indica the plants have only moderate stretch and reach about half their desired final size before inducing flowering. The buds are ready to hravest after 7-9 weeks. Flowering is quite dense along the internodes and high yields are possible.
Some plants may show purple and blue hues towards the end of flowering

This strain doesn’t produce much odour during cultivation and has potential for stealthy cultivation. The dried buds have a rich and complex aroma of sweet sandalwood, with notes of incense and lemongrass. The effect of Nicole Hindu Kush is generally relaxing, contemplative and euphoric. Above all else, most agree that it’s very powerful. Inexperienced smokers are advised to sample this strain in moderation, and even cannabis enthusiasts with a high THC-tolerance should handle it with care. 

Top Features

  • new strain 2020
  • easy to grow
  • high yields
  • powerful indica stone

Medical Info

  • sleep aid
  • pain relief
  • broad spectrum use

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