Kalité Tizane
Kalité Tizane
Kalité Tizane

Kalité Tizane

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Genetics Zamal, La Reunion
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC n/a
High uplifting, sociable, energizing
Aroma spicy, ammonia
Flowering time (indoor) 14-18 weeks
Flowering time (outdoor) November
Yield high
Plant height tall



Kalité Tizane regular seeds is one of the strains developed by French Touch Seeds in partnership with Bourbon, a breeder famous for his Zamal line. The strain is a Sativa landrace from La Reunion, the Indian Ocean island known for its beautiful flowers and amazing Sativa's.

Kalité Tizane is known for its intense effect: many enthusiasts of strong Sativa's are fond of this strain. French Touch Seeds recommends growing it outdoors (in a suitable climate), or in a greenhouse. It takes a long time to flower, about 100-130 days to mature, and is a seriously tall plant that produces many long colas. Pure Zamal landraces require some experience growing tropical marijuana. If you'd like to grow Zamal indoor, have a look at their Mango Pepper strain.

This Zamal landrace produces more than 1 kg of dried buds under optimal conditions and is sometimes called "1 puff" because its high THC content gives an intense effect but without the edginess of many modern strains. The spicy smell with notes of ammonia becomes very pungent during the flowering stage.

Germinate your seeds under warm temperatures, use a heating mat if necessary, because the seeds require tropical warmth to sprout properly. If you put the seeds under a dome, always keep the lid open a bit for airflow to prevent mold! The lid should also be removed for an hour or so daily.


Top Features

  • rare Sativa landrace
  • positive up high
  • heat resistant
  • high mold resistance
  • high yield

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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