HANNA Soil Test Kit NPK

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Hanna's Soil Test Kit makes it possible to easily and quickly measure soil pH and the most important elements for plant growth: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).

At Mandala Seeds we use soil test kits, such as this one, to test the quality of:

  • horticultural grade soils
  • outdoor locations
  • self-made soil mixes
  • homemade compost


This is an essential kit if you don't know the pH/NPK value of your soil mix, or have doubts about the quality of a commercial brand (and many of them are low quality!).

It's very helpful for sampling the soil in outdoor locations. For this purpose, take at least 2 samples at various depths of 30 cm to 1 meter. The surface level won't be of use. You want to know, as the plant grows, what nutrients are available at the level of the root zone. 

Information about NPK levels in your soil helps you decide on next steps. Such as your choice in soil brands and mixes, adding nutritive soil amendments like worm manure, choosing the container size for potted plants, optimizing fertilization, and more.


25 tests each for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium


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