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Beyond the Brain
Emilio (Chile)
Beyond the Brain

Excelente servicio

Barry M (United States)
Great Strain

Wonderful service. Quick shipping. 100% germination.

Highly recommend this strain for the experienced an psychonauts out there. Malawi is very je ne sais que. This strain delivers!

Joseph J. (United States)
Great To Grow And Enjoy!

I First Enjoyed A Smoke Of Kalichakra Seven Years Ago And From That Encounter I Did Acquire Three Precious Seeds From A Blessed Friend And I Have Continued To Grow This Beautiful Plant. I’m A Medical Patient In Nevada And I Can Legally Grow. This Beauty Gives Little Odor During The Early Growth Period, But Later When It Does It’s Delightful. This Is My Only Sativa.

Trop tot

Germination OK, grow OK, la suite + tard

MARIO (Italy)

Su 10 semi 8 presi. A due mesi dalla semina piante senza difetti , molto rigogliose, belle, alte 120 cm. Sono contento.

Early grow stage

So far I had a nice germination rate with these

Fast N' Glorious
Richard B (United States)
Optimistic but extremely challenging times in the US

In May I started 6 Fast N' Glorious, 1 Novarine from Elite Seeds and 1 Sour Diesel from DNA. All seeds germinated. They all look strong and healthy. The 6 are going outside on June 20. They will be in either 7 or 15 gallon fiber pots with Ocean Forest, and some additional worm castings. The other two will remain indoors for cuttings for the fall.
Last year our weather turned bad in September and I lost all of the Mandala #1 (8 started, 6 females) and Eight Miles High (4 started, 3 females) to powdery mildew. I didn’t get any prevention in and by the time I considered it, it was too late. They were powerful plants, but were all too close together and the mildew prevailed. It was a very sad end of September. I hadn’t grown outside much since the 90’s so I actually forgot about the risk of mold. I don’t blame the seeds or Mandala, it was very humid mixed with rain for weeks and I did little to nothing to prevent it.
I still have 10 Satori seeds, 10 Mandala#1, 6 Eight Miles High, 10 Fast and Glorious and others from other places so I’ll keep trying until I get it right. The Satori’s will be indoors, I won’t take a chance with them.

Durban Poison
Richard H (United Kingdom)

Durban Poison

Satori (feminized edition)
Larry L (United States)
Grand slam

You will hit a grand slam with the baseball bat size of these cola’s, in fact I will order more of these seeds, one more thing to say, the packaging they came in was the best l have ever seen, totally fooled me.

8 Miles High
Arnold A. (United States)
8 Miles High sprouted from seed in 37°F outdoor night temps!!

She isn't nearly finished growing yet, and i only sprouted 1 seed so far because of the exceptionally cold spring we have been experiencing and needing a maintenance man to install a 8 stage water filter that I bought for myself and my plants. So I have been using bottled water and water that i have boiled and let cool to room temp. So far I LOVE the look and heartiness of the plant, just not sure if it is a female or male yet and I keep wanting to top it, but having to much fun watching it just grow and grow.. :-)

Purple Satellite
Will F. (United States)
Purp Sat

Very uniform plants, all of them displaying vibrant purple hues. Very healthy fast growing in veg with decently long interludes. Flowering initiates early as described. Still waiting to see final results but very encouraging.

Black Lebanon
David Do (United States)

I love the black Lebanese seeds I got from you. I am growing just one. But it is strong looking. Good stuff. Love it

Mauritius x Ethiopian (Limited Edition)

Grand Daddy Purple
D.G. (United States)

Quick response. Very helpful

Golden Tiger
J.S. (Canada)
GT Mandala#1 KA5 Haze

Placed two orders and all seeds arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. The included freebies were appreciated and I currently have four lovely looking KA5 Haze getting ready for outside. What separates Mandala from many other seedbanks is the outstanding customer service-questions were answered promptly, sometimes within the hour! Will shop again.

Satori (feminized edition)
Jimmy P (United States)

Mandala Seeds hard to beat! I lost only one seed in germination out of 36!! Got 5 female Satori and 10 far out fem, and some mandala #1 free seeds 6 and 10 purple satellite. Saved 4 far out and 4 purple sat, all looking super vigorous, lady I spoke with bout order was super !!!!! Jimmy P

Bangi Haze
cbgsus (South Africa)
Amazing customer service

Mandala Seeds gave me outstanding service and processed my order very quickly. So far, 9/10 seeds germinated and the plants are growing vigorously, with interesting terpenes and good structure.

8 Miles High
Antony B. (United Kingdom)
Satori Regular Seeds

Planted 11 seeds and all popped using their recommended method of planting directly. The growth between them has been pretty uniform and typical sativa in structure. I chose four to grow on before putting them into 10L Airpot finals with coco/perlite.

They are fed to 1-1.2 ec with a base ec of 0.6 and acidified to 6-6.5 with acetic acid to avoid feeding more nutes. They don't seem very fussy and have tolerated temps of 16-18c pretty well, maintaining good turgor throughout... it was pretty cool part of the year when I started in March.

They are currently 750mm, having 15 nodes, with the bottom five branch sets removed for more cola-dominant plants . They are actually rather tall indoors for the vegging stage, but I'm testing the idea that vigorous bending and shaking a couple of times a day, simulating strong wind, will restrict stretch to, hopefully, max out at 150cm or so.The main stems are, as expected from this exercise, quite woody and rigid now, so hopefully I won't be fighting really tall plants at the end of stretch in about two weeks or so.

Odour is quite low at the moment but there is some interesting elements that I can't quite put my finger on that may develop later... spicy like cinnamon sometimes.

I will update when they are done.

Umauma man (United States)
Finally Satori is in the house

Finally have the seed that is constantly sold out. Yahoo

Auto Cinderella Jack
Johnny L. (United States)

Easy growing great taste nice ride

Far Out (2021 Limited Edition)
Alberto Perez (Spain)
Extreme sativa!

Very vigorous, good yielder, aromatic sativa. With a strong happy high.

Marcus (France)
Hashberry and Rishi Kush

100% germinated. I'm a rookie yet growth is pretty good. Thanks a lot. I'll use Mandala again.

Pufipuf (Argentina)

Es la primera vez que compró desde la tienda de Mandala Seeds , realmente es excelente el servicio , por el profesionalismo de cada envío , la rapidez en llegar cada compra.
Desde la primera vez que probé Satori ya hace más de 5 años atrás , Satori una variedad única e inigualable, gracias por todo.

UrbanMonk (India)
Positive experience with Mandala

Got a wide variety from the seedbank, very useful guidance and strong resilient strains like Hashberry and Satori. Both are very vigorous.

8 Miles High
Dennis D. (Canada)

I have started seeds and all came up ,very good looking and big leaves and stocks. I have received seeds before and your cannabis is great, good flavor and mold is no problem , and I will give a review in fall, and in maybe 6 weeks after cure.