Zanjeer (10 regular seeds)

Zanjeer (10 regular seeds)

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: cannabis seeds

: Indian Landrace Exchange

Genetics Zabul, Afghanistan
Type indica
Cultivation outdoor/greenhouse
High strong sedative effects
Aroma sweet, fennel, clove, cinnamon
Flowering time (indoor) 8-10 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield medium
Plant height short-medium



Due to popular demand we have very limited stock of these rare heirloom seeds - especially (but not exclusively) for customers in North America. This strain is available in our shop courtesy of Ace Seeds, the official reseller for the Indian Landrace Exchange.  We would like to thank Ace Seeds for their kind collaboration.

Orders are sent super-stealth (with the original label) and track #.

Zabul is a province in the Southern Afghanistan, which is located along the Durand Line and borders with Pakistan. It is a mix of flat land, semi to fully mountainous territories, which are dissected by a few major rivers such as Arghandab river and a number of seasonal rivers that emerge for durations that purely depends on rain and the precipitation accumulated in the form of snow on the mountains. Droughts have become much more prevalent and a common occurrence in the past decade. With no organised watering system the farmers of Zabul are basically left to bear the brunt of nature by themselves. The traditional cannabis farmers from these Asian regions are seldom if ever recognised for their continued foundational work around the cannabis plant.

The hash plants grown in this area consistently give off a sweet textured smell built on an aromatic spicy base of fennel, clove, cinnamon like flavours which is a quite unique profile to be seen in a consistent manner across a population in Afghanistan. There’s little to no fuel aromas (phenol, toluene) accompanying the sweet and spicy profile, and neither does it carry any foul/offensive aromas like rotten fruit or meat.

As the season comes to a close towards October in this region, most of the plants develop lucid hues of purples and reds, showing the ability of this strain to produce flavonoids to deal with marginal light conditions and other cold related stress.

Zanjeer regular seeds from Indian Landrace Exchange grows as small compact plants, with more or less branching depending on the individual. The population is quite consistent in terms of final height and little stretch in flowering. This marijuana strain is specially recommended for outdoor growing in hot and dry climates due to its excellent adaptability to heat and drought. It withstands without problem cold spells during flowering and strong temperature variations throughout its development. It can easily be grown indoors too. Moderate levels of nutrients for the whole cycle are recommended, slightly higher in N-P-K in the first two thirds of the flowering period.

There’s a healthy amount of diversity seen amongst these plants in terms of some of the floral elements of the overall population such as bud structure (shape and size), colours on the bracts and bract leaves, aromas, etc. However, these populations are also consistent in delivering some of the other broader aspects or features of the plant such as height, amount of stretch during the flowering period, flowering time. Good resin production with overpowering effects compliment a truly unique bouquet of smells.

Zanjeer are pure first-generation cannabis seeds, sourced directly from Afghan growers, reaching the community thanks to the extraordinary preservation and documentation work carried out by the Indian Landrace Exchange collective, in their 'Durand Line 2020' project of research on traditional Afghan hash plant strains.


Top Features

  • rare Afghan landrace
  • pure indica
  • high heat/cold resistance
  • high pest resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

Free seeds with every order. 

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