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Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 23-28%
High clear, cerebral, strong potency, supports concentration & creativity, inspirational, stimulating, uplifting/ ideal for writers, artists, musicians, or other creative people
Aroma spicy, fruity, sweet, pungent, earthy
Harvest time (outdoor) October (warm summer/autumn or greenhouse)
Flowering time (indoor) 65 days
Yield dry (organic) 550-600 gr/m2 indoor, >240 gr. p.p greenhouse; 850-1200 gr. p.p. outdoor in the ground.
Plant height medium



This famous Mandala strain is a reliable and powerful cross that will delight your connoisseur heart. Satori is an exceptionally easy to grow sativa. She has shown impressive hardiness against spider mites and other pests, and she has a good measure of mold resistance. Her slim appearance makes it possible to plant in narrow rows, or in SOG, to maximize her typical record yields even more. The firm side shoots provide highest quality cuttings. As with all our sativa's she is heat resistant - an added bonus for small indoor environments and hot summer grows. The mainly sweet & fruity-spicy aroma is a real treat for the senses.

Satori grows a long head bud with chunky flowers and does not require much feeding on soil; you can almost do without feeding provided you use quality soil and sufficient pot size (approx. 2 gallon pots for adult plants under 250-600W lamps). Keep EC levels low in hydroponics for best results. All Mandala strains are extremely efficient in nutrient uptake due to their hybrid vigor and require only low EC levels/feeding to develop huge leaf, stem and bud structure. Satori is a high yielding, powerful plant with an exceptional sativa high. The heavy buds are easy to manicure, and from the resinous bud leaves you can produce finest grade hash, comparable in quality to the famous Nepalese 'temple balls'. 


Top Features

  • bestseller worldwide
  • top medical strain
  • finest connoisseur marijuana
  • amazing potency - suitable for persons with high THC tolerance
  • high-performance strain
  • bumper crops greenhouse/outdoor
  • very robust and vigorous
  • amazing heat resistance >40°C/100°F or more
  • exotic landrace genetics
  • fantastic potential for mother plants


Medical Info

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • sleep disorders
  • lack of appetite
  • stress
  • brain fog
  • sensory motor neurologic disorders
    such as restless leg syndrome (RLS)
  • broad spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kelli Hastings (United States)
Satori is amazing

Love the Satori seeds! Thank you

Sofa King (United States)
The most of all

In the years of cultivation I have not come across a plant as special as Satori! The most euphoric smoke ever!

Richard Burstell (United States)
Very excited!

I received 8 free Mandala #1 seeds as well as 10 more I purchased. I also received 10 Satori and 10 Eight Miles High that I purchased. I’ve been waiting for years for Mandala Seeds to be available in the US. I have not been able to plant anything yet. Satori is the one I’ve been dreaming about. I was fortunate in the 80’s to hook up with someone who traveled the Silk Road and gave me seeds from several areas including India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I also acquired some Mexican seeds and had great fun breeding them. Unfortunately, I eventually lost all of my strains in the early 2000’s. Now I have a chance to revisit some of the land race genetics that were so powerful and enlightening.

Robert Petik (Spain)
The Most Unique and extraordinary Shamanic cannabis plant on the Planet :-)

Satori is the most phenomenal and unique genetics I have found. Right now I'm with Satori, my spiritual friend and guide. I have started to grow Satori 7 years ago when my child was born :-). I was searching for the most spiritual and creative shamanic qualities in a cannabis strain on the Planet. And I have found it. I'm a shamanic student and Satori is my guide and helper to connect with my creative spiritual flow, higher wisdom, and for creating music in my life. In fact, I have learned playing instruments thanks to Satori :-) I could be writing a book about Satori, its an absolutely beautiful spirit within the plant. Satori is what I would call the purest rarest genetics available on market, perhaps on the planet. It's Shamanic qualities are powerful, opening third eye, clearing the vision, creativity is from other world. I love Satori! From a medical perspective it's an incredible antidepressant , it always works always and always for 7 years, it will take you out from darkest lowest emotions, will lift you up into the light into the higher dream world from where you can bring lot of spiritual creativity. It is exceptionally inspirational, great for music and business creativity and ideas. I use Satori for Shamanic practices, to connect with my higher self, for meditation ,for creating music or when I'm down, or to be social :-). It always brings me new flow for music and inspiration in life always. It's a very powerful medicine. For sensitive people be careful, because its very powerful and can enhance anxiety or sometimes enhance racy mind it depends in what mood you are in, on your personality and your sensitivity. On full moon it's much more powerful. To grow Satori is a pleasure, very easy grow, super vigorous powerful, landrace genetics clearly very present ... absolutely outstanding! To me Satori is the Best genetics!!! Best of the best on the planet. Thank you Mike and Jasmin, thank you that I have found you, thank you that you share these very rare and precious genetics. I know in my heart that this was you Intention, I feel what you have done and doing, I feel your intention was to bring the real spiritual cannabis still available to human kind and share these wonderful genetics before they're gone , I know this is shamanic work and you are shamans to me!!! I'm very grateful to you! Again Thank you from bottom of my heart, you are masters sharing wisdom through plants. incredible work. Satori is always with me so you are too :-) Love you my brother and sister. Robert.

Carey Briggs (United States)
Pure Satori

I first started growing Satori in 2008 after I saw it in High Times as strain of the year. It pulled me out of a deep depression and reintroduced me to the beauty of the world. Satori is the only strain I've found which shoots my mind to the outer reaches of the universe at the speed of light. Crop after crop, I've found myself returning to these genetics. Over the seasons, I've grown a personal relationship with these plants, and began approaching my grows with an almost religious reverence. The bouquet is a perfect aromatherapy as it wafts into my room to wake me up in the morning. I've taken to vaporizing wet buds occasionally to savor the flowery profile. Growing became as rewarding as consuming, and as a light user, I found myself having to give away buds so I could start the next grow. My friends, of course, all eagerly awaited the harvest. Satori is absolutely legendary. It literally saved my life.