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This is the easiest, most reliable, cost effective test kit to control and adjust the pH of your water. Suitable for all systems of cultivation. Works more reliably than electronic meters, which require regular calibration, and is less expensive than paper strips. 

We have been using this product since decades. One bottle lasts a long time too, because you only need to fill the vial a little bit and add one drop (rather than the suggested 2-3 drops). The pH range is 4.0 to 8.5 which is more than you will ever need. 

For marijuana plants in soil the perfect range for your water is 6.2-6.5 pH. On the GH test kit chart this is a light green to olive green colour.

Most municipal and well water needs to be adjusted down. For organic soil cultivation do this safely with cheap vinegar. Unlike pure acid pH down products, vinegar does not contain any mineral salts that can build up in the soil and damage the plants. Diluted vinegar is non-toxic and well tolerated from the seedling stage onward. 


30ml pH test solution, sampling tube, pH chart
Brand: General Hydroponics


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