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Kelli Hastings (United States)
Satori is amazing

Love the Satori seeds! Thank you

Elliot Terrill (United States)
Robust, Resilient, Rewarding

Growing outdoors with minimal care, these seeds took to the native soil and grew quickly into mammoth plants. Fed on natural sunlight and organic teas, the Flashberries flourished cheerfully while I puzzled over the mysterious symptoms afflicting other, fussier plants nearby.

These fine specimens developed beautiful buds, wonderfully fruity and coated with crystals. The high is dreamy and spacious, and works to enhance whatever it is you’re doing or experiencing; working, playing, taking a walk outside…

Highly recommended. Easy to grow, truly tasty, potent without negative effects. Like most every strain I’ve tried from Mandala, Flashberry succeeds best in a natural setting with minimal intervention.

Sofa King (United States)
The most of all

In the years of cultivation I have not come across a plant as special as Satori! The most euphoric smoke ever!

Rishi Kush
James (Italy)
Stealth Packing is Amazing

Really thought I'd been had when I got my order - the stealth packaging was so good I thought it was a scam. When I realized how it was hidden I was surprised, it must take quite some time to package in this way. Exceptional stealth packing, never seen it this good.

Richard Burstell (United States)
Very excited!

I received 8 free Mandala #1 seeds as well as 10 more I purchased. I also received 10 Satori and 10 Eight Miles High that I purchased. I’ve been waiting for years for Mandala Seeds to be available in the US. I have not been able to plant anything yet. Satori is the one I’ve been dreaming about. I was fortunate in the 80’s to hook up with someone who traveled the Silk Road and gave me seeds from several areas including India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I also acquired some Mexican seeds and had great fun breeding them. Unfortunately, I eventually lost all of my strains in the early 2000’s. Now I have a chance to revisit some of the land race genetics that were so powerful and enlightening.

l. (United Kingdom)
Great quality true breeding variety!

This is a long worked seed variety for outdoor that gives very predictable results. At 50 north it reaches full maturity a little late to be called a truly early type but harvests made before bad autumn weather still provide a decent yield of flowers. Some experience with the slower and stocky growth of inbred indica does help; start them a bit earlier than usual to compensate for that and to encourage branching, then some light defoliating will help too.

These are tough plants that tolerate less than ideal conditions but you still need to watch for botrytis and wind damage. Two phenotypes show up, being the red/purple and green, where the green is rarer and usually more potent, you will get some cbd showing up in the highly coloured plants but I cannot personally verify just how much... They feel more thc dominant on the whole. Can be done under lights with skill but keeping mother plants needs experience.
A very useful addition to northern gardens that will repay some extra care despite being a tough contender, well worth a couple of packs to find a favorite.

Fast N' Glorious
Bob Shutter (United States)
Tall and vigorous

Seedlings shot up above all others. Will enjoy watching them grow!

Auto Malawi x Northern Lights
Bob Shutter (United States)
Seedlings are doing well

Cannot wait to see how they develop!

Auto Zamaldelica
Bob Shutter (United States)
Great Autos!

Plants are strong and growing rapidly!

Bangi Haze
Bob Shutter (United States)
Bangi lives!

All seeds planted sprouted and are doing well!

Green Mountain Grape
M (United States)
Gonna be a great summer!

I was looking to score some ACE Seeds but no one would deliver to my country. Mandala Seeds took care of me. Now you have a loyal customer.

100 %

100% de germinacion y muy vigorosas.

Robert Petik (Spain)
The Most Unique and extraordinary Shamanic cannabis plant on the Planet :-)

Satori is the most phenomenal and unique genetics I have found. Right now I'm with Satori, my spiritual friend and guide. I have started to grow Satori 7 years ago when my child was born :-). I was searching for the most spiritual and creative shamanic qualities in a cannabis strain on the Planet. And I have found it. I'm a shamanic student and Satori is my guide and helper to connect with my creative spiritual flow, higher wisdom, and for creating music in my life. In fact, I have learned playing instruments thanks to Satori :-) I could be writing a book about Satori, its an absolutely beautiful spirit within the plant. Satori is what I would call the purest rarest genetics available on market, perhaps on the planet. It's Shamanic qualities are powerful, opening third eye, clearing the vision, creativity is from other world. I love Satori! From a medical perspective it's an incredible antidepressant , it always works always and always for 7 years, it will take you out from darkest lowest emotions, will lift you up into the light into the higher dream world from where you can bring lot of spiritual creativity. It is exceptionally inspirational, great for music and business creativity and ideas. I use Satori for Shamanic practices, to connect with my higher self, for meditation ,for creating music or when I'm down, or to be social :-). It always brings me new flow for music and inspiration in life always. It's a very powerful medicine. For sensitive people be careful, because its very powerful and can enhance anxiety or sometimes enhance racy mind it depends in what mood you are in, on your personality and your sensitivity. On full moon it's much more powerful. To grow Satori is a pleasure, very easy grow, super vigorous powerful, landrace genetics clearly very present ... absolutely outstanding! To me Satori is the Best genetics!!! Best of the best on the planet. Thank you Mike and Jasmin, thank you that I have found you, thank you that you share these very rare and precious genetics. I know in my heart that this was you Intention, I feel what you have done and doing, I feel your intention was to bring the real spiritual cannabis still available to human kind and share these wonderful genetics before they're gone , I know this is shamanic work and you are shamans to me!!! I'm very grateful to you! Again Thank you from bottom of my heart, you are masters sharing wisdom through plants. incredible work. Satori is always with me so you are too :-) Love you my brother and sister. Robert.

Carey Briggs (United States)
Pure Satori

I first started growing Satori in 2008 after I saw it in High Times as strain of the year. It pulled me out of a deep depression and reintroduced me to the beauty of the world. Satori is the only strain I've found which shoots my mind to the outer reaches of the universe at the speed of light. Crop after crop, I've found myself returning to these genetics. Over the seasons, I've grown a personal relationship with these plants, and began approaching my grows with an almost religious reverence. The bouquet is a perfect aromatherapy as it wafts into my room to wake me up in the morning. I've taken to vaporizing wet buds occasionally to savor the flowery profile. Growing became as rewarding as consuming, and as a light user, I found myself having to give away buds so I could start the next grow. My friends, of course, all eagerly awaited the harvest. Satori is absolutely legendary. It literally saved my life.

Safari Mix
Gerry (Spain)
Safari mix

We have tried a lot of strains from Mandala over the past 20 yrs and always had great germination and a lot of great buds, used the Safari mix and chose the best to cross with. All have been a fantastic range of plants and have given great satisfaction in our Volcano or when made into Oil. Thanks to all at Mandala and looking forward to some Landrace genetics.

Purple Paro Valley

This variety has been a consistent performer outdoors at 50 North since it's release some years ago. You will need to use quite a few sativa training techniques or you will have to grab a ladder for your harvest! As mentioned by the other reviewer here there are basically two types that show up, purple or green. I find the green one to always be the fence breaker ;), she has crazy compound branching and will put on huge overnight growth when conditions are right so get out your pruning shears and heavy duty twine. The purple types are often a little better behaved but will benefit from shaping and pinching out.
Although these Bhutanese beasts go to the late end of my season they can really handle some poor conditions, like our inland fogs and exposure to high winds and rain. You will need some staking and pay attention to airflow through the canopy however, no flowering cannabis plant is totally weatherproof.
All this vigour in PPV means a bit of work but your efforts are amply rewarded in flowers! No super dense nugs here but ample weights through sheer biomass. I tend to make hash from my plants and often produce something similar to some of the high quality Lebanese that used to get around a few decades back, a wonderful treat that keeps me smiling through the year.
Highly recommended variety for anyone who has a less than perfect climate, one or two of these make a beautiful addition to any outdoor garden.

Kenneth S. (United Kingdom)

I've been growing Satori 10+ years and she never fails to amaze me! The vigour is out of this world and I can always count on great yield. It's very rare to find a seedbank that delivers such consistent results over time. A superb smoke in all aspects...lots of creative juices flowing at daytime, a refreshing sleep at night. All of my friends love it. Thank you Mike & Jasmin for your outstanding genetics and fair prices!

Purple Paro Valley
Attila Fitzpatrick (United States)
Purple Paro Valley

Purple Paro Valley (PPV) this is an odd duck. First of all note the elevation it grows at in Bhutan. If it grows there it can grow anywhere were my thoughts. From my grow 3 years ago, I had 2 distinct pheno types; one producing small purple buds, the other, well tell ya bout that in a moment.
Both phenos have long internodes and are defiantly "sativas". The girl with the purple buds had bright purple stems as well. The reason the buds were small was do to my tyro efforts as a grower at the time. The buds were a trimmers delight. The Other gal was another story. First off let me say when you grow PPV by all means take the advise and remove the lower branches. This female was very stretchy in the internodes as well, and had deep purple stems like the other. Now here is the kicker. (Disclaimer: This is NOT a hippie story, and I promise you it is a factual account, skepticism gladly appreciated). When mature at the end of September after being started in a makeshift greenhouse around tie ides of March, the finished plant was 6 feet tall and 32 feet in diameter. For real. The "buds", 3.5 dried lb of them were very loose, lime green, looked like foxtails and had no bag appeal at all. It was some of the absolute best smoke we produced that season. 2 pounds were made into shatter,, and the rest was personal stash. The purple buds although small, had Great bag appeal, and had the same wonderful buzz. The claimed THC for this strain is 8.7 to 11 %? I call Bullshit on that lol.
This year i have PPV in my roster in a 300 gallon grow bag. I have passed the seeds out to friends and family and we see what we get this season. Recommended!

Robert Petik
Juicy frosty

I love this strain, beautiful frosty, nice very balanced high. Easy to grow. My plant got shocked and stressed so I put it on the balcony in two weeks it picked up again and end up with wonderful tasty pleasant bud :-)great. thank you!

8 Miles High

Solo quería agradeceros vuestra dedicacion ,pasión y profesionalidad. Me habeis leido la mente, me encantan los Byrds! y toda la música californiana de esa época.. Que buena gente que sois! Siempre os recomiendo allí a donde voy, porque lo mereceis! Gracias por todo!

100% germination

After multiple previous attempts with various germination methods with other seed companies with less than optimal results, I carefully read and followed your germination instructions and I am very pleased with my 100% germination rate with Rishi Kush. Your seeds are fantastic!