We offer bank transfer, credit card, Paypal, cash payments.

Due to COVID-19 cash payments are temporarily suspended

Not all options are available for some customers. We will advise you on what works best.

All payments are 100% discreet. There is no reference to cannabis or seeds.


How to Pay

Payment Steps

- Choose preferred payment option during checkout.
- We send payment instructions after your order has been reviewed.
- If the payment method is not available for you we choose the best option.
- Order is shipped a.s.a.p after receiving your payment.



    All prices in the shop are in EURO by default.

    You can use the currency converter (top right of page) to switch currencies.

    Whenever possible, international customers are billed in their local currency, such as USD, GBP, etc.


    Flexible & Low Cost

    Customers have the option to pay safely with credit card or wire transfer for a minimal fee through an online service we use.

    Especially recommended for non-Euro zone and countries with high bank fees.

    - Multiple currencies accepted
    - Instant payment transaction
    - No hidden fees
    - No bad exchange rates
    - Discreet & secure


      Cash payment

      Due to COVID-19 cash payments are temporarily suspended

      We accept cash in Euro, USD, GBP and CHF. 

      You receive detailed payment instructions how to send securely to our safe address. All cash payment must be sent with tracking number.

      We do not offer cash payments for all countries.