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The Safari Mix contains a mix of seeds from various experimental crosses in our breeder lab. The strains are equally well suited for outdoor (balcony, greenhouse, up to 43°N in the ground; further north the harvest time can shift to middle/end of October). 

The Safari Mix is ideal:

for a colorful variety of quality cannabis
to select unique mother plants
as a safe investment for beginners or budget minded growers
for indoor soil or hydroponic cultivation
for potted plants on the balcony/terrace
as an inexpensive alternative in guerrilla cultivation


Dear Customer,

To offer this 'best price' product it's not possible to pack the varieties individually, label each combination of mixes, and publish and print descriptions. Please don't ask us to "identify" certain plants from a photo. Because of the mixed seed batches and the various combinations in circulation, we can't identify a specific plant (in addition to not being able to see the plant in a live state). Our Safari Mix is available at an amazing price and we have to avoid certain labor-intensive steps to sell the seeds at this low cost. Thank you for your understanding in advance & happy harvests!


Medical Use

  • broad-spectrum use



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Customer Reviews

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S.W. (United States)
An always pleasant surprise

Every year I plant a few safari seeds, not knowing what they'll be but I'm never disappointed. I have found so many rare amazing terpine profiles with all sorts of flavors and effects. And safari seeds still have that Mandala vigor and heat resistance that's so important for my hot arid outdoor grow. I keep extra safari seeds around to gift to beginners who are growing for the first time and need an easy to grow plant, and they are always impressed with the final result. Take a chance with some safari mix to meet that strain/flavor/high you didn't know existed but can't do without.

D.A. (United States)
The Safari Mix Wins Huge!

A friend that I gave a bunch of the Safari Mix seeds to about 4 years ago grew them out and absolutely loved them all and even cross pollinated a few Mandala Safari Mix males with Safari Mix females and say's he has the absolute best cannabis by far in the entire Central Coast of California, USA area. He mostly grows outdoors, and is just absolutely impressed by Mandala's awesome genetics and how well, fast and strongly they love to grow, especially under the long, hot, super sunny days and season that they get on the central coast. Thank you to all of the Mandala team!! Blessings.

T.a. (United States)
I just happened to stumble across safari mix on a resale site.

About three or four years ago I added a pack of Safari Mix to top off my order from a reseller. I actually misplaced them until last winter. For the summer grow I started five safari mix seeds. One was male and the other four were female. I let a friend choose some plants for his garden. He took the biggest of the four. That was fine with me because I thin my plants out for better air flow. His never grew above his waist but spread out wide. It didn't look all that impressive but it gave 35 ounces of mold free buds. Unbelievable. Wonderful smoke and looking forward to making ice water hash from the scraps.

D.A. (United States)
I give most of Mandala's seeds to the best growers I know to spread awesome genetics.

I'm going for it this year and growing a bunch of Safari mix, 8 Miles High, Rishi Kush and Mandala #1 on my balcony. I have been gifting your Mandala genetics to a handful of the best organic growers that I know and they are all very impressed with the plants that they grow and dried and cured flowers and awesome good medicine that they produce. Thank you so much to everyone at the Mandala Seed Bank! Talk about awesomeness and the HIGHEST Quality at the lovliest prices to be found. <3 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! <3

C.S. (United States)
Safari Mix: The best strain for undecided new growers.

If you are like a lot of first time growers and can't make up your mind give safari mix a go. Each year I add 5 or so safari mix plants to the mix just because I love the variety. I'm surprised with how frosty they are. Its just as easy to grow and its the lowest priced seeds of this quality. I had a pack with 14 seeds left that were 7 years old so I just pit them in soil because I needed to use them. Wow 13 sprouted just like my new seeds. If you order from a different company but have always wanted to try mandala get a pack of safari mix. I'll include three safari mix plants. One is a plant from the thirteen last i sprouted. The second two are the first safari mix i ever grew. I still wish I had some clones from this plant.