Oldtimer's Haze Green

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Genetics Oldtimer's Haze
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 18-26%
High uplifting, cerebral, creative, energetic
Aroma tropical fruits, fruity, spicy, incense
Flowering time (indoor) 16-18 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) November
Yield medium
Plant height tall



Oldtimer's Haze Green by Pandora Seeds is a selection of the best green phenotype of this famous heirloom strain. This is a great opportunity to buy it at a very reasonable price, since its usually sold at nearly double the price.

Oldtimer's Haze originated from UK breeder and collector Oldtimer1 in the 1970s from travelers who passed through his home on the hippie trail. Through genetic testing and physical traits, it has been determined that Oldtimer's Haze is related to Colombian strains. 

This edition from Pandora Seeds produces plants with beautifully colored foxtail-colas and flowers a bit longer than the green version. It has been adapted to indoor growing and does well under a good light source. To grow this plant outdoors, a tropical or subtropical climate is necessary for optimal growth. However, it can still thrive in latitudes between 20º-37º with a warm or coastal climate. Of course Australia and parts of New Zealand are optimal and other countries south of the equator. For those in non-tropical regions, using a greenhouse can aid in proper ripening. This plant does not require high levels of nutrients, particularly nitrogen. A good base of organic soil containing worm castings is recommended for outdoor growing. Place the plants in a sunny location and allow them to grow naturally without relying on fertilizers or stimulators.

The dominant terpenes in OTH are myrecene, pulegone, and terpinolene. Oldtimer's Haze Green has an incredible smell of spices, tropical fruits, and incense. Its tropical touch gives the green pheno a sweeter note than its purple edition (also available as Oldtimer's Haze Purple). The mainly euphoric, cerebral, and sometimes trippy high lets you experience a classical Sativa of the 60s and 70s.


Top Features

  • rare landrace genetics
  • old school hybrid
  • Sativa effect
  • high mold resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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