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Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 17-20%
High visual, cerebral
Aroma fruity, creamy, grape
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Flowering time (indoor) 60 days
Yield (indoor) 450 gr/m2
Plant height medium



One of the prized strains at Paradise Seeds this hybrid combines a majestic grow with a deliciously regal smoke. The plant grows strong, with a thick stem and bushy side branches. This gives it the tools to produce big, heavy and frosty buds.

A pleasure to work with for the indoor gardener this sturdy plant is versatile. It can be grown multi-branch, stand alone, SOG or with training. Particularly impressive results have been achieved in hydroponic systems.

Opium prefers a warm and sunny climate. Although this is a sturdy plant, the big buds may not make it so reliable for garden and guerrilla plots in northern areas, particularly if the autumn is wet in your region. A greenhouse with humidity control is advisable.

Apart from the regal qualities she displays while growing, Opium carries her majesty through to the finished product. The smoke, fuelled by the plant’s sativa heritage, delivers a swift take-off while the indica factor ensures that the intensity of the experience carries right through to landing. The dominant fragrance is fruit, and the taste is creamy. 

Top Features

  • powerful effect
  • homogenous growth
  • attractive buds

Medical Info

  • broad-spectrum use 


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