Mountain Gold (Limited Edition)

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Oaxacan Gold x Hawaiian Sativa
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
High uplifting, cerebral, clear
Aroma sweet
Harvest time (outdoor) September-October
Flowering time (indoor) 10-11 weeks
Yield  high
Height medium-tall



Mountain Gold features genetics from UV laden, clean highland air, rich forest soil of the mountains of Oaxaca to the plush volcanic tropical highlands of Hawaii. The unique Highland Oaxacan Gold was crossed with Hawaiian Sativa, a descendent and IBL of Kona Gold.

This is an early, super pure Sativa bred for outdoor mega production. The strain is adapted to northern climates up to 42°N and finishes end of September to mid October.

The Oaxacan, after over four decades of adaptation and selection, again has proven to be an outstanding breeding tool to bringing down flowering time while locking in her unique cannabinoid profile insuring potency of the highest order. The Hawaiian Sativa brings in a touch of her own sweetness, while contributing Hawaiian's original awesome class of cerebral clarity. Not to mention buds as big as a man's arm!

Top Features

  • USA genetics
  • suitable for outdoor-north
  • high yield
  • high cold resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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