CBD Kush x Mandala #1 (Limited Edition)

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CBD Kush x Mandala #1
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC medium
CBD 6-9%
High happy, focused, relaxing, calming
Aroma pine, spicy, lemon
Harvest time (outdoor) September-mid October
Flowering time (indoor) 60-65 days
Yield dry (organic) 450 gr/m2; 850+ gr. per plant outdoor in the ground
Plant height medium



With CBD Kush x Mandala #1 we introduce an extremely versatile, low-maintenance CBD-rich variety that can be grown in practically any climate.

Our new CBD hybrid is available as regular seeds. There are very few CBD-rich strains available in this format. At Mandala Seeds we are dedicated to empowering growers on all levels. That's why we ensure that regular seed lines are maintained for breeding projects, that plants are healthy, and their genetics are preserved naturally.

For this project an Indica-leaning CBD Kush mother was chosen for her strong, rapid bushy growth and high medicinal value and crossed with a Mandala #1 male. One of our bestselling medical strains, Mandala #1 has an excellent "outdoor survival index", high heat/cold resistance, and is fast flowering. Of course, you can also cultivate CBD Kush x Mandala #1 indoors. The plants are easy to grow and ready to harvest within 9 weeks.

The wholesome, uplifting high of Mandala #1 is perfect for merging with a CBD-rich variety. There is a variety of THC:CBD ratios to be found in CBD Kush x Mandala #1. Plants with a higher THC level in our new hybrid maintain a gentle functional and relaxed effect.

For some people marijuana can trigger racy heart and paranoia. If you have a low tolerance or anxiety, this is a strain for you. It's also a good option for calming your nerves after the day's work, without getting hyperactive or spaced out.

As a medical strain CBD Kush x Mandala #1 has the potential to treat chronic pain, inflammation (such as arthritis), stress, menstrual cramps, muscle tension and facilitate a restful sleep without triggering anxiety and brain fog. Medical marijuana users should make a concentrate from their harvest to create a standardized medicine. If you are looking to treat a medical condition, the strength and consistency of your cannabinoid extract should ideally be reliable.

Cannabis comprises many different ingredients, which provides a total 'entourage effect' for the user. Other factors also determine the effects of marijuana: your individual body chemistry, health, genetics, psychological state, and what medications you're taking.

Be prepared to experiment with the different potencies of your extract. You can make batches of varying strength by adding pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil to your concentrate. This gives you options for different strengths for your final product, thereby giving you more ways to test how your body reacts to CBD. Many people take CBD for long-term chronic symptoms. With this method, you can find the best dosage using a known minimum level of CBD potency.

We wish you the very best of health!

This is a limited edition in short supply. Only available in our online shop.

Top Features

  • CBD-rich
  • for all climates
  • easy to grow
  • medical-grade marijuana


Medical Info

  • pain relief
  • anxiety
  • anti-inflammatory
  • muscle relaxant
  • stress
  • sleep disorders
  • hyperactivity
  • broad-spectrum use

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Lawrence (United States)
That was fast.

I ordered seeds on April 1 seeds arrived on the 11th in the US. All in great shape. Here is to a great harvest. Thank you Mandala