8 Miles High

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Genetics Africa, North India
Type sativa-indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >23%
CBD 0,1 %
High sativa-dominant high, uplifting, alert, fiery-energetic, thought provoking, trippy visuals, creative
Aroma sweet, fruity, strawberry, melon, hashy, candy, pine, minty
Harvest time (outdoor) early October (south); mid October (north)
Flowering time (indoor) 60-65 days
Yield dry (organic) 400-450 gr/m2; 800-1000 gr. per plant outdoor in the ground
Plant height medium



This is a fragrant, uplifting sativa that delivers quality harvests indoor & outdoor. Special attention was devoted to making this variety a low-maintenance plant that finishes by mid-October in northern climates. Flowering sets in quickly with most plants sexing within one week of switching to 12/12. Another positive feature is the fast and profuse resin production during early flowering that rewards your efforts right from the start. 8 Miles High has proven to be very reliable under various environmental stress factors such as abrupt changes in light and temperature. Plants can therefore be moved from indoor and planted out with no adverse effects. This strain is easy to grow and has no special requirements. It has shown good mould resistance and grows well in soil with no extra feeding*, making it a good choice for growers with little experience or not much time on their hands.

The indica-type females have minimum branching, medium tall growth, and are excellent for small spaces or cultivation in close rows. The sativa-leaning pheno can be grown as a multi-stem plant or trained if this is your preferred method of cultivation. It has longer branching due to the extended internodes and exhibits great potential as a big producer outdoor. For a sea of green set-up in hydro both phenotypes can be used. In hydroponics we recommend pruning the bottom branches on the sativa-leaning females so that all energy is focused on the long central cola.

8 Miles High has a great calyx-to-leaf ratio and slim leaves that make trimming the buds a quick job. Resiny bud production throughout the plant from top to bottom guarantees a quality harvest. The aromatic properties of this strain are delightfully diverse and feature the rare trait of strawberry fragrance. During flowering a slight brush against the plants releases a wonderful sweetness with an earthy undertone. This delicate aroma is followed by the more dominant piney freshness. As the plants mature you can also detect whiffs of a sweet lemonade scent or almond-tangerine. Cured buds may retain the piney-minty smell but, in addition, there is a variety of delicious aromas ranging from strawberry, melon, apple-cinnamon, to hash-candy.

The smoke has a fresh minty taste and lingering sweetness to it. 8 Miles High lifts off straight to the head and triggers a lot of cerebral activity with flashes of insights and long episodes of trippy visuals when you close your eyes and switch to auto pilot. This is a functional daytime smoke, or a wake-up call to keep you on your feet partying at night. The uplifting, almost euphoric, effect sets in once you reach maximum altitude. This energetic sativa glides back down smoothly and leaves an expansive feeling behind.

Top Features

  • easy to grow
  • fast flowering
  • outdoor strain-north
  • connoisseur aroma & taste
  • vigorous
  • high pest resistance
  • energetic, creative sativa


Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Arnold A. (United States)
8 Miles High sprouted from seed in 37°F outdoor night temps!!

She isn't nearly finished growing yet, and i only sprouted 1 seed so far because of the exceptionally cold spring we have been experiencing and needing a maintenance man to install a 8 stage water filter that I bought for myself and my plants. So I have been using bottled water and water that i have boiled and let cool to room temp. So far I LOVE the look and heartiness of the plant, just not sure if it is a female or male yet and I keep wanting to top it, but having to much fun watching it just grow and grow.. :-)

Antony B. (United Kingdom)
Satori Regular Seeds

Planted 11 seeds and all popped using their recommended method of planting directly. The growth between them has been pretty uniform and typical sativa in structure. I chose four to grow on before putting them into 10L Airpot finals with coco/perlite.

They are fed to 1-1.2 ec with a base ec of 0.6 and acidified to 6-6.5 with acetic acid to avoid feeding more nutes. They don't seem very fussy and have tolerated temps of 16-18c pretty well, maintaining good turgor throughout... it was pretty cool part of the year when I started in March.

They are currently 750mm, having 15 nodes, with the bottom five branch sets removed for more cola-dominant plants . They are actually rather tall indoors for the vegging stage, but I'm testing the idea that vigorous bending and shaking a couple of times a day, simulating strong wind, will restrict stretch to, hopefully, max out at 150cm or so.The main stems are, as expected from this exercise, quite woody and rigid now, so hopefully I won't be fighting really tall plants at the end of stretch in about two weeks or so.

Odour is quite low at the moment but there is some interesting elements that I can't quite put my finger on that may develop later... spicy like cinnamon sometimes.

I will update when they are done.

Dennis D. (Canada)

I have started seeds and all came up ,very good looking and big leaves and stocks. I have received seeds before and your cannabis is great, good flavor and mold is no problem , and I will give a review in fall, and in maybe 6 weeks after cure.


Alexander (Germany)

Keimen sofort und wachsen super.

Doc Browns Green Thumb (United States)
No words...

Had an experienced smoker friend visiting from New York city during prohibition. She commented that it was the best flower she has ever smoked and I have to agree. It lifts your spirits, but doesn't push you. It energizes you, but doesn't bring a racy heart. You have the energy to talk, but also the motivation to listen. You just feel great, plain and simple. Grow out a whole pack to find the keeper. It's well worth it!