Purple Pakistani Haze (Limited Edition)
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Purple Pakistani Haze (Limited Edition)

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Genetics Purple Haze #23 x Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 12%
High cerebral, clear, euphoric, no ceiling
Aroma blackberry, strawberry, incense, hash, woody, spicy
Flowering time (indoor) 12-14 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) November
Yield medium-high
Plant height medium



Nopw you can sample the pure Purple Haze experience and grow the seeds in northern climates! Purple Pakistani Haze is a vigorous F1 hybrid between the famous Purple Haze #23 from Ace Seeds and their elite purple Pakistan Chitral Kush 2002. The strong Haze expression of this hybrid is almost untouched by the Pakistani influence, allowing you to enjoy an almost intact Purple Haze experience.

These Purple Pakistani Haze feminized seeds are ready to harvest one month earlier than the original Purple Haze.

This strain can be grown indoors with strong light intensity and enough space for its development. Switch to flowering after 15 days from seed, or from clones rooted for at least 7 days. Very suitable for SOG crops due to its great yield in the main cola, or for SCROG, horizontal or network growing. Ace Seeds recommends low-moderate levels of nutrients for the whole cycle.

Purple Pakistani Haze can be grown outdoor in tropical or subtropical climates, and with very good results in warm coastal climates or mild autumn (similar to the Mediterranean) up to 43ºN. About 80% of the plants turn purple and reddish with colder temperatures. The colourful main phenotype has the most interesting terpene profile. The Pakistan Chitral Kush genetics reinforce the intense purple and reddish colours and the forest fruits terpenes. It also adds strong resistance against pests and cold, without adding heaviness to the Haze Sativa effect. Unlike other Afghan-Haze crosses, this F1 hybrid is not susceptible to bud mold.

The high is accelerated, euphoric and cerebral. Almost a pure Haze effect without ceiling, very long-lasting with a clean landing.


Top Features

  • rare landrace Sativa
  • high mold resistance
  • high heat resistance
  • cerebral, clear effect

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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