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Old Afghan NLD

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Genetics Old Afghan NLD
Type mainly indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC medium
High happy, giggly, calming, relaxing, sedative, body stone
Aroma citrus, sweet, hash, metallic, incense
Flowering time (indoor) 70-85 days
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield 450 gr/m2
Plant height medium



Old Afghan NLD regular seeds is a brand new batch (2022) of the original "Afghanistan" landrace strain of Sacred Seeds.

The breeders at Tropical Seed Co researched this line for 3 years, and found a wide genetic range. There are phenotypes very similar to those of the Kandahar area and others more similar to Mazar-i-Shariff. You can therefore find a gene mix from the northern zone of Afghanistan in this line, at the same time some long flowering plants less adapted to indoor growing could indicate there was some hybridization with old school genetics. It's impossible to say what was involved, but most likely a Sativa landrace from the Hindu Kush or a 1970's Colombian Gold x Afghan strain.

Old Afghan NLD has narrow leaves and forms long colas that need support during flowering. Within the gene pool there are mainly two phenotypes that bloom between 70-85 days, some with a Christmas tree structure and others more columnar. The bouquet is sweet and citrusy in the shorter flowering plants and they have a more narcotic effect. The long pheno has an incredible metallic and incense aroma. The complex high has a giggly uplifting start before settling in the body and leaving you blissfully relaxed.


Top Features

  • Afghan landrace
  • Indica body stone
  • old school genetics

Medical Info

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • sleep disorders
  • pain relief
  • muscle relaxant

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