L.A. Amnesia
L.A. Amnesia

L.A. Amnesia

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Amnesia x Kush
Type sativa-indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 20-24%
High euphoric, cerebral, intense
Aroma fruity, citrus, Haze
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Flowering time (indoor) 56-65 days
Yield (indoor) >500 gr/m2
Plant height medium-tall



L.A. Amnesia is a high THC strain that combines the genetics of the world famous Dutch strain, Amnesia Haze, with a highly potent Kush variety. Named after Los Angeles, this heavenly strain is a perfect match for the City of Angels!

Amnesia is a fruity energetic strain, with a genetic code that has its roots in Jamaica and South Asia, and needs little introduction for experienced cannabis heads. Although it is a sativa, the Kush element ensures it does not stretch so much as other varieties and the plant produces thick central colas with very big buds and a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. The trichome coating is so heavy that these buds sparkle like magic crystals. Outdoors L.A. Amnesia will also do well. In southern regions it will reward the grower with a big harvest. It will also grow reasonably in more northern regions, although the dense oversized buds do need checking for mold in autumn.

With this strain, the grower is treated to the best of both worlds. It has a distinctive citrus/earthy/hazey taste, full of terpenes that will be popular with the connoisseur, while the extraordinary power will impress those who relish a smoke that hits home hard with an intense energetic high. The effect may be a bit too much for unseasoned or sensitive smokers.


Top Features

  • high THC strain
  • hash strain
  • intense sativa effect

Medical Info

  • broad-spectrum use 


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