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Girls Scout Cookies - Mandala Seeds Shop Sensi White Label

Girls Scout Cookies

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Genetics Girl Scout Cookies
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC high
High body relaxation, stimulating, social 
Aroma fruit, citrus, mint, aniseed, pine, sandalwood
Flowering time
9-10 weeks
Plant height medium-tall



White Label Girl Scout Cookies’ parent plants are noted for being low-maintenance, productive varieties, with high levels of THC. This strain retains all these qualities, making it a solid option for novices. It’s also an ideal choice for more experienced growers who can bring it to its full, impressive potential.

This strain gains a good amount of height in flowering, improving its yield without becoming uncontrollable. Outdoor and greenhouse-grown plants can easily reach 2-2.5 meters. Indoors, cuttings can be flowered at around 30-40 cm to attain a final height of 100 cm. Flowering original seed plants at the same height is likely to result in plants reaching 125 cm by harvest time.

White Label Girl Scout Cookies have strong, productive branching. Branches tend to grow upwards allowing close planting or SOG. Thanks to its Afghan heritage, Girl Scout Cookies often takes on violet hues such as dark purple leaves and lavender highlights on their large calyxes.  It’s a visual treat that complements their potency and flavour. Keep humidity levels low in the last two weeks of flowering to prevent bud mold.

Even when dry, GSC’s thick coating of trichomes makes buds sticky to the touch. Growers should be aware that they can easily gum up scissors and grinders with THC-rich resin. The aroma is subtle until the buds are broken up, releasing their terpenes. Dominant flavours include pine, sandalwood, and rich earth, with a background of fruit, citrus, mint, and aniseed.

The potent Kush background and higher CBD production of Girl Scout Cookies makes it a popular strain in US dispensaries. Many users have reported effects such as pain relief, appetite stimulation, and reduced nausea. Recreational users value GSC for both its full-body relaxation and stimulating, talkative sativa high. 

Top Features

  • new strain 2020
  • purple strain
  • easy to grow
  • high THC

Medical Info

  • pain relief
  • appetite
  • nausea
  • broad spectrum use

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