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Gelato #420 - Mandala Seeds Shop Sensi White Label

Gelato #420

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Genetics Gelato 33 x Durban x OG Kush
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC high
High euphoric, body stone, creative
Aroma citrus, mint, vanilla, cream, aniseed, hashy, sandalwood
Flowering time
Plant height tall



White Label Gelato #420 was created by back-crossing Gelato 33 with our original Durban and the Hindu Kush strain, which forms the backbone of OG Kush. By returning the Gelato line to its Afghan and African roots, Gelato #420 gains weight, flavour and even greater potency. Now growers can acquire the 'clone only' Gelato in seed form.

Gelato #420 is a tall plant with an indica stature. Indoors, it can be given a relatively short vegetation period, as plants generally triple their vegetated height as they flower. Outdoors, in a warm and sunny climate, it can be started a little later than other strains to manage height. A sunny October is required to ensure impressive yields.

This strain requires some extra attention to unfold its potential. To maximize yield and control height you can prune the main stem, grow with clones, or try training the plants such as SCROG, trellising, etc. The yield produced by Gelato #420’s branches means that lollipopping and SOG are best avoided. At harvest time the plants have long, thick colas on their main stems. The branches are also full of solid buds at spaced intervals. Flowering time is 8-11 weeks, with the highest yield coming from phenotypes in the 9-10 week range.

The Afghan genes from OG Kush and Hindu Kush make deep purple hues quite common in Gelato #420’s mature buds. Resin production is outstanding, giving each calyx a beautiful frosting of golden trichomes. During flowering the smell is not overpowering with the full, complex bouquet of this strain reaching its peak after drying. Gelato #420’s aroma profile is complex and tasty with all the flavours of an ice cream parlour.

The highly potent parentage of White Label Gelato #420 ensures a powerful euphoric body stone accompanied by an intense, creative sativa high. Novices should handle with care, and even experienced connoisseurs should test the waters before diving in.

Top Features

  • new strain 2020
  • delicious aroma
  • powerful high

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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