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The Farm to Vape kit is an excellent choice for transforming your THC or CBD concentrates into E-liquids ready to vaporize.

The Farm to Vape kit comes with 10ml FTV Thinner and a boilable dropper bottle. 

With this innovative product it takes only a few minutes to create your own vaping juice from your oils, wax, and other cannabis resin concentrates. Just put your concentrate into the dropper bottle, next add 2-3 times as much FTV Thinner as you did concentrate and close the cap. Submerge the bottle in boiling water for three minutes. The dropper bottle’s cap was designed to expand with pressure from the heat, thus making it safe to boil in the sealed bottle. Please boil the bottle fully submerged and with a lid on the pot. Remove the heated bottle safely and allow it to cool before use.

The Farm to Vape kit is available in 7 fruity flavours or a neutral tasting original formula.

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Top Features

  • Turn concentrates into E-Liquid in 3 minutes
  • Make fruit flavored CBD E-Juices
  • Contains NO Vitamin E Acetate, MCT oil, PG / VG
  • Guaranteed not to separate 
  • Works in all pods, cartridges and vape tanks
  • Works with shatter, wax, rosin, live resin, isolate & distillate



1 x bottle 10ml FTV Thinner
1 x boilable glass dropper bottle

Farm to Vape Thinner is made from a proprietary blend of U.S.P. Polyethylene Glycols PEG 300 and PEG 400 and is designed to match the molecular weights of the active ingredients in marijuana concentrates.  The flavours are 100% natural and organic.

Made and bottled in the USA.  


Free seeds with every order. 

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