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Genetics Original Skunk #1 '85
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >17%
High uplifting, cerebral, energetic
Aroma pine, citrus
Flowering time (indoor) 80-90 days
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield 400-500 gr/m2; 800+ gr outdoor
Plant height medium-tall



Pandora Skunk NDL regular seeds is a carefully selected variation of the original Ancestral Skunk plant and an exceptionally rare treat to grow a legendary old school strain from 1985! The price is also very reasonable - Sam's Skunk #1 can fetch up to 150$ per pack.

Skunk #1 was developed in the mid-1970s by David Watson, also known as Sam The Skunkman. It is a cross of three strains: Colombian Gold, Afghan Kush, and Acapulco Gold. With the help of Sacred Seeds collective, Watson propagated Skunk #1 and it was first available for purchase through the Homegrown catalogue in 1978-1979. It quickly gained popularity in the US due to its shorter flowering time and higher yield compared to other widely-used equatorial Sativa or narrow-leaf cultivars at the time.

This new edition was created using his original Skunk #1 seeds sourced from cold-storage in Europe and grown through large-scale open pollination techniques. After meticulous elimination of undesirable plants, the best specimens were chosen based on structure, resin production, and intoxicating aroma. With a flowering time of 80-90 days, this is the South American phenotype which has a strong Sativa expression of the Colombian/Acapulco Gold genetics. Although many think that a 'Skunk' strain has a pungent-stinky smell, the original Skunk #1 has a wide range of terpenes from fruity to pine and incense.

Sam Skunkman, a key figure in the development of F1 hybrids, had close relationships with the Haze Brothers and founded Sacred Seeds to produce high-quality cannabis seeds and cultivate Skunk #1. This groundbreaking strain was created by crossing an Afghan Kush known for its potency and resilience with the legendary Colombian Gold, famous for its uplifting effects. Further enhancing its genetics, Sacred Seeds outcrossed Skunk #1 with Acapulco Gold to increase stability, shorten flowering time, and boost yield potential.

Today, Skunk #1 remains one of the most influential hybrid strains globally and has been used as a genetic base for many other popular varieties. Its superior genetics can result in THC levels up to 17%, enhanced by a complex terpene profile that creates an entourage effect similar to strains with 25% THC. According to Sam himself, Skunk #1 was one of thirty strains tested during his time at Sacred Seeds. Its mainstream success was solidified when it won first place at the 1988 High Times Cup over competitors like Sensi Seed Club.

Compared to the modern Skunk hybrids the original Skunk #1 strain had a strong Colombian and Mexican influence, evident in its long, spear-like buds and narrow leaves. It also displayed more stretching tendencies than the shorter and bushier Skunk strains commonly found today, and had a wider range of terpenes. Pandora Skunk NDL recreates the original South American landrace genetics of this old school cultivar. If you like to try the Afghan Kush pheno, have a look at Pandora Skunk.

The impact of Skunk #1 on the industry is undeniable as it paved the way for advancements in cannabis breeding. Its genetic stability inspired breeders to create new varieties with unique traits, ultimately shaping the modern cannabis world we know today. This strain truly revolutionized hybridization and continues to influence breeders and cultivators with its enduring legacy.


Top Features

  • rare old school hybrid
  • Sativa effect
  • landrace genetics

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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