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Genetics Congo #1 (aka Dream Honey) x Queen Mother
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
High uplifting, cerebral, energizing, motivating
Aroma sweet, fruity, pineapple, floral
Flowering time (indoor) 7-8 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield (indoor) 450 gr/m2
Plant height tall



Lilly (aka Piña Colada) is a stabilized strain and considered one of the fastest Sativa hybrids on the market. It blooms within 7-8 weeks, producing an impressive amount of sticky resin that gives off a strong smell of tropical fruits, hence the nickname 'Piña Colada'.

Original Delicatessen fused their 'Dream Honey' Congo pheno and Zamal landrace genetics to create this strain. It's almost a pure Sativa, with a touch of Pakistan Chitral that probably contributes to the early harvest.

The buds of Lilly feminized seeds are resinous and with an enviable density. They also have a dark lilac colour that can resemble black. The plant itself has few leaves, which makes it easy to manicure. This strain is also ideal for those who want to opt for cultivation techniques such as SCROG or SOG because the plants grow vigorously and homogeneous. Outdoors the plants reach a height of 1.5-2.5 meters (5-8 feet).

One of the outstanding features of Lilly is the enticing fruity tropical aroma and sweet taste. The motivating high is cerebral and mood-enhancing.

Top Features

  • landrace genetics
  • fast flowering Sativa
  • homogenous plants
  • fruity aroma
  • purple strain

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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