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Join us on Facebook

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Our official Facebook page has launched. Some of you may be surprised how long this took. After all, we are celebrating the 17th anniversary of Mandala Seeds and 30 years in the 'cannadelic' underground!

The thing is, we are rather critical towards Facebook and social media in general. I didn't want to put our fans through unnecessary exposure, as we value privacy and safety very highly. But in the past years the situation is starting to lighten up on the legal side. Especially for folks in North America. The 'Darth Vader' era, as some called it, is coming to an end. People can actually come out publicly to support marijuana without having to fear repercussions. 

Also there has been an unexpected moment of sanity at the United Nations and, after 60 years, cannabis was removed from Schedule IV on December 2nd, 2020. Even hardcore countries such as France, Germany and Australia got on board, so this is a promising development for future legalisation.

I still want people to exercise caution if they are in countries where there is a lot of repression towards the cannabis community. You can still check out the news on our page without following it or commenting and stay more anonymous. 

On the other hand, Facebook has some practical benefits that we'd like to explore. For one thing, it's free (we are not running any ads here). Every free or low cost tool for our business allows us to keep our seed prices super-affordable. 

Many of you know that we rarely 'toot our own horn'. Since the start of Mandala Seeds we have also kept our marketing budget very low. In the end, the customer always pays for the overheads of a company, for example through higher priced products. Our reputation is primarily based on the merit of our work. Instead of splashing on marketing projects, we save substantial amounts of money and pass the savings on to our customers through compassionate prices and free seeds.

Facebook is also a practical integration to add a comment system for our newly upgraded blog. And we can easily share images, news, video on Facebook. There are also no spam filters, like in emails, that prevent our news from reaching you. Facebook allows us to engage with you directly and respond to questions or feedback, but at the same time others can benefit from the discussion too. For many years Mike and I had an active presence in forums. But this became very impractical and too time-consuming, especially since people are spread out on so many platforms in so many languages. Now we can bundle everything on one easily accessible page. We are excited to try this out.


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