All contracts for the sale of products in shop.mandalaseeds.com are deemed to incorporate these Terms and Conditions of Sale which shall prevail over any other document or communication between the parties unless otherwise agreed in writing.




By placing an order, the customer represents that he/she is of legal age and that products ordered will only be used in a lawful manner. The purchaser agrees that he/she will not use or allow others to use any item from this web site in an illegal manner. The customer further agrees to hold shop.mandalaseeds.com harmless for claims, actions, legal and/or court fees brought against him/her in connection with any use of products ordered from this web site. We strongly advise against breaking the law! Cannabis seeds are sold for collection purposes or licensed cultivation only and should never be germinated unless you live in a country where it is legal to do so. Inform yourself about the legality of cannabis in your country before planting any of these seeds. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ascertain and obey all laws which apply to the possession and use of any items listed on our site. Please consult local, provincial and federal laws (including pertinent laws applied to your country) before placing an order.  Any information on growing cannabis is provided for the benefit of customers living in countries where it is legal to grow cannabis and for medical growers and institutions with a licence. We reserve the right not to engage in any correspondence that contain references to illegal activities or spam.




Orders must be placed online through the shop or via e-mail. Customers receive a personal e-mail confirmation with further details. We do not accept seed orders from AFP, Virgin Islands, Arab Emirates, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand and cannot return any payments, of whatever type, made from these countries!




All prices in our virtual store are in Euros. The approximate value in other currencies is applied according to daily bank rates.  We reserve the right to change prices without prior warning.


Methods of Payment


Payment for goods will be made by cash, Paypal, or bank transfer. Once payment has been received the order will be shipped on the next dispatch date. We are not liable for any loss of funds or extra costs and fees charged to the customer through any payment method. All payments are made at the customers own risk and responsibility. We do not accept money orders, checks, or any other form of payment than otherwise specified in our shop. Money orders and checks cannot be sent back to the sender unless we receive full payment for the postage costs.


Additional Costs of Orders


The cost of postage and packaging will be charged to the customer unless free shipping is specified in the sales offer. 


Control of Ownership


Ownership will remain in the domain of the company while orders and services are carried out. Ownership will only be transferred to the buyer when all obligations have been totally fulfilled, including in those cases where the price of shipment of the chosen product has already been paid by the buyer.




Orders are shipped within 24-48 hrs of receipt of payment via the method specified by the customer in the order form (weekends and public holiday excluded). Any delivery time stated by us shall be treated as an estimate only. Whilst we endeavour to dispatch orders on time no liability can be accepted by shop.mandalaseeds.com for failure to deliver within the estimated dates. We will not be liable for any loss (including consequential loss or loss of profit) arising either directly or indirectly from any delay in the delivery of the order howsoever caused. Once the order has been dispatched we are not responsible for delays incurred by the postal system due to holiday seasons, grounding of flights, or any other factors.


Transportation and Guarantee in Case of Damage


Goods will be packed in a manner to prevent them from being damaged through transportation. We guarantee that all goods are shipped in a perfect state. We offer a replacement guarantee for all Mandala Seeds strains. Please contact us within 1 week of receiving your order and do not open the sealed original packaging! The damaged pack should be sent back to us unopened to ensure authenticity. The Mandala Seeds packaging is transparent to allow good visibility to check if there is any damage to the seeds. There is no guarantee on opened packs.

We replace seeds damaged from delivery under the following conditions:

  • Mandala seeds were sent in sealed original packs
  • the packaging is still sealed
  • seeds are sent back to us discreetly in a bubble type envelope (do not send anything without notifying us first and receiving our instructions!)
  • photo is sent as proof of damage

Please note: we cannot replace seeds if you requested them to be repacked and sealed in neutral bags because these are not transparent and have to be opened to see any damage.  Any claims must be sent in writing within 7 days of receiving the order and within 4 weeks from the date of shipping. The guarantee includes free shipping. We do not refund any money for damaged goods.


Missing Shipment


All shipments are sent at the customers risk. Failure to receive an order due to the postal system, customs interception, or any other means, is a purchaser liability. It is the responsibility of the postal service to ensure the goods arrive at the destination. We cannot be held responsible for any failure on their part, nor if the address provided by the customer is faulty, or if the customer uses a false name or pen name, or if the mail is lost during or after delivery. Customers concerned about delivery should request registered air mail. Shipments returned to sender will be resent free of charge once only. Shipping & handling for any subsequent resending will be charged to the customer in advance.


Replacement of Missing Shipments

Shipments rarely go missing but the postal system is, of course, not perfect. Seeds are replaced on the condition that the customer has requested registered (certified) mail so that there is a tracking number. This is the only proof we have that there has indeed been no delivery. Seeds confiscated by customs cannot be replaced. The customer must contact us within 6 weeks of receiving the shipping confirmation. Claims after this deadline cannot be processed because order records will have been deleted.

Faulty Orders


Any claims regarding faulty orders such as missing or wrong seed packs must be sent in writing within 7 days of receiving the order and within 4 weeks from the date of shipping. Please provide your order number and address. Every order is dispatched with much care to ensure a quality service. We review complaints on an individual basis to prevent fraudulent claims.


Deadlines for Payments and Claims


Please send your payment so that it reaches us within 4 weeks after you place your order. Unpaid orders are deleted after 4 weeks for customer security. An extension can be granted if the customer requires it. We must be informed beforehand if a payment is underway and will not reach us in time for the deadline. All records for shipped orders are deleted after 6 weeks. We have to be notified within this period if there is a claim on guarantee, or to clarify other issues such as receiving an incomplete order. We are not liable for any losses if the customer does not notify us within the deadlines.


Privacy Policy and Guarantee


Customer security and confidentiality is important to us. Shop.mandalaseeds.com does not store any records of clients nor collect any information when visiting this site. No customer data is stored by third parties. Online orders are encrypted securely during check-out. Client information is kept private during all transactions and is never given to anyone else. We reserve the right to keep some records for a period of 6 weeks after goods are shipped to process replacement guarantees due to transport damage or any other claims/issues regarding the order. After this period these records are destroyed. Please make sure you contact us within this period if the goods were damaged through transport. Failure to contact us in this time frame is your responsibility and we cannot be held responsible for guarantees on orders after the 6 week period has passed.




If any of the current terms and conditions should become invalid, this will not affect the remaining conditions. The invalid provision will be substituted by one as close as possible in its economic effects.


Place of Business, Jurisdiction and Applicable Law


The place of business for transactions by both parties to the order, and equally the jurisdiction, is where the headquarters of the company are situated: Malaga, Spain. Spanish law, in particular mercantile, consumer and user law will be the sole law applicable to all acts and transactions of the company.