How can I pay?

Full details under Payment.


How can I see prices in USD?

In your shopping basket the USD amount is shown next to the Euro prices by default. These are online mid-market rates.

You can also click on 'Pick your currency' above our logo. The actual USD price will be slightly higher because we and Paypal go by the bank rate.


Which countries do you not send seeds to?

AFP (American Armed Forces), Virgin Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Arab Peninsula, China, Indian Subcontinent, Japan, S.E. Asia, Africa (except South Africa).


Can I order via email?

We prefer online orders through our shop system because it provides us with all details plus a sequential order number. However, you can also send us an email with the products you wish to order, your destination country, and mode of payment. Our sales team will email you the total in the appropriate currency and provide payment instructions. Contact us at shop@mandalaseeds.com

What is SANTU?

SANTU is an e-commerce solution created by one of the leading shop software developers ShopFactory.

Our shop operates with ShopFactory software which offers an easy, safe and functional online shopping experience.

We use advanced features of SANTU's secure encrypted services to provide the following for customers:

- secure encrypted ordering
- membership account & gift vouchers
- track order status

The membership account is completely optional. You do not have to sign up for this service to buy in our shop!

SANTU does not process or accept payments for our shop (such as credit card transaction).

When you send the order you can select Paypal, bank transfer or cash payment. Payments are processed manually by our sales team. Wait for the invoice and payment instructions after sending the order.

Do I have to use 'express checkout'?

No. The 'Santu express checkout' is optional and not necessary. It is an additional benefit for returning customers who do not want to enter their shipping address every time. You do not have to create a password and use this function to buy in our shop!


Can I order offline?

Customers without an internet connection, or who do not want to correspond via email, can also request our mailing address to send in the order via snail mail.


I made my online order - what happens next?

Full details under Ordering.


Spam blockers

If you use a spam blocker please add our email to your safe list before ordering. Otherwise our emails may not reach you. We do not log in to any services that require verification for contacting you.

Encrypted email services: currently we are unable to correspond with customers using perfectlyprivate.net and request that customers use a different email service for their order and enquiries.

How do you send the seeds? What is the delivery time?
Full details under Shipping.


What is your privacy policy?

We take your privacy very seriously. All information provided by the customer is treated with strict confidentiality and never disclosed to anyone. We do not collect any information from you through the site except the basic information needed to process your order.

Online orders are encrypted securely with 128/256 bit SSL encryption during check-out.

We reserve the right to keep order records for a period of 6 weeks after goods are shipped to process claims due to transport damage. After this period these records are destroyed. Please make sure you contact us within this period if seeds were damaged through transport. 
What is your payment deadline?

Please send your payment so that it reaches us within 4 weeks after you place your order. Unpaid orders are deleted after 4 weeks for customer security. An extension can be granted if the customer requires it.

Customers paying via bank transfer and cash are notified of deadlines per email with the payment instructions. Please inform us if a cash payment is under way and will not reach us in time for the deadline so your order details are kept safe (we also advise you to retain your order copy as a backup until the items are shipped or delivered).

All records for shipped orders are deleted after 6 weeks. We have to be notified within this period if there is a claim on guarantee, or to clarify other issues such as receiving an incomplete order.


My seeds have been damaged during delivery.

Please see our Shipping page for details and contact us.