High THC Strains

This is a list of selected strains available commercially that can potentially contain 20+ % THC. The info on THC % is mostly courtesy of the seed banks, but we also checked available public results from independent lab tests and have selected stains based on this data too. In addition, we have only included strains from established breeders, so that the likelihood of data matching actual results is within an acceptable range.

Most cannabis strains have a sliding scale range of THC content from a lowest to highest % (which is why cuttings from exceptional plants are prized). However, many seed banks do not indicate an approximate range and may use the highest test result only. Where available, we have researched and included lab results for the highest and average THC % to 'Keep It Real'. Don't forget that the effect of a strain also depends on many other factors such as the overall cannabinoid profile, growing conditions, the harvesting and curing method, and not least your mind-body reaction and THC-tolerance. If your THC-tolerance is high the healthiest solution is to stop smoking for a week and to moderate your consumption long-term. Tolerance will also build up faster the more potent your herb is and when there is minimal variation between plants in a strain. Medical users are less affected because they still benefit from THC even if the psychoactive "high" effect decreases over time.

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Mandala Seeds

Anonymous review (leafly.com)
Possibly my favorite strain ever. I remember my friend and I went to target after smoking this (cant recommend driving high off this stuff), we barely made it through because every 5 seconds we would burst out laughing for no reason. Great high, long lasting, somewhat clear headed and very uplifting, PERFECT for a sativa fan it has everything you could want. If i could live with 3 strains, this would be one of them.

Type: sativa-indica
Contains landrace genetics from: Nepal
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor
Flowering time: 65-70 days/October
Yield (dry weight): 550-600 gr/m2 indoor, 850-1200 gr per plant outdoor in ground.
High: a clear, cerebral high and strong potency sets in quickly; it supports concentration & creativity; very inspiring and stimulating. Ideal for writers, artists, musicians, or other creative people.
Aroma: spicy, fruity, pungent.
Medical use: excellent medical-grade marijuana. Good potential in relieving depression and anxiety; relieves symptoms of sensory motor neurological disorders such as restless leg syndrome (RLS) and can be applied for a variety of other medical uses.

Acapulco Gold

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Barney's Farm
23% (15% average)

Acapulco Gold is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for having traces of gold laced throughout its green and/or brownish buds. This old strain is said to produce a very powerful cerebral high that raises moods without overpowering feelings of happiness. Instead the cerebral high mixes with the onset of a calming body high for a relaxing experience. Users may experience dry mouth and eyes, mild paranoia and anxiety. Some people have also reported headaches while using the strain. Sufferers of such disorders as General Anxiety Disorder or PTSD use this to find relief from their stress and anxiety, while those dealing with depression use it to lift their mood. The body high can also relieve some chronic aches and pains.

Acapulco Gold comes from Acapulco, Mexico but the exact genetics of it are not known. Traditionally this strain was grown outdoors and indoors grows of this strain are still proving to be somewhat tricky for producers. This is making the strain harder to find as more growers move their operations inside and have no clear documentation on growing the strain properly indoors. In a successful indoor grow the strain flowers for 70-75 days. In an outdoor grow plants are ready for harvest in mid October. There have been reports of yields up to 500 grams per square meter.  Tests have shown that Acapulco Gold plants can have as much as 23% THC.


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Strain Hunters
20% (16% average)

Afgooey is an Indica dominant strain with sticky olive-green buds covered in a layer of sparkling trichomes. Euphoria is the most common and powerful effect which is swiftly followed by the laziness induced by true or mostly Indica strains. The strain produces a very powerful body high that leaves one happy and very hungry. Some users also report feeling more focused while using Afgooey. While the usual dry eyes and mouth accompany the use of this strain, paranoia is also widely experienced with it. A few users have described the paranoia as amusing, rather than anxious – though others still feel anxiety when using this strain. As with other strains there are some people that experience headaches from using it as well. The strain is recommended for evening medicating. Due to the strong Indica effects of this strain it is often used to ease chronic aches, pains and stiffness – like those associated with multiple sclerosis. Afgooey is also used to alleviate nausea and induce hunger in those afflicted with anorexia. It is also used by some who suffer from insomnia because of it’s sedating effect. It’s also been reported as helping users alleviate their chronic migraines with Indica heavy strains working as an anti-inflammatory. It is also used by some to cope with stress and anxiety since the strain’s high is so euphoric.

The Afgooey strain is a cross between Afghan #1 (Indica) and Maui Haze (Sativa), rendering it seventy percent Indica.

  • Type: 70% indica - 30% sativa 
  • Height:  short plant (average internodal distance under 5 cm). 
  • Flowering Indoor: 8 weeks
  • Yield indoor up to 0.9 gram (dry) per watt per m2 (with 1000W HPS).  Outdoor very large plants can harvest over 1kg of dried, manicured buds. 
  • Flowering Outdoor: 8 weeks flowering time.
  • Taste (burned): citrus-like, fruity, kushy, earthy. 
  • Scent (unburned): orange, lemon, tropical fruits, kushy. 
  • What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like:  The dried buds are pear-shaped, thick and compact, with medium-large calyx. The resin develops early in flowering. The crumbled bud is sticky, light green with darker hues. 
  • Effects: fast hitter, long lasting, extremely strong, cerebral, confusing, heady. Creative, but chaotic. 
  • Medicinal qualities:  against apathy and depression.

Amnesia Haze

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Soma Seeds
22% (17% average)

Amnesia Haze is a very complicated genetic cross. You have the magnificent Southeast Asian genetics, (Thai sticks, Cambodian, Laotian) of which were my all time favorites. Then you have the fine Jamaican Haze varieties with their high THC percentage and sharp flavor. It also has an Afghani-Hawaiian genetic crossed in, speeding up the flowering time and further enhancing the taste. The result is a strain that has won first place in 3 different cannabis contests in the Netherlands in the past years, including The High Times Cannabis Cup 2004. Barney’s Breakfast Bar won first place for the all-around Cannabis Cup with the Amnesia Haze that he got from me. It has continued to be one of his best sellers to this present date. For a grower the Amnesia Haze is a slight challenge, taking up to 13 weeks to finish flowering, but with the excellent yield and amazing high and taste, it is well worth it. Not recommended for new growers or outdoor in the north. Amnesia Haze can trigger intense feelings of euphoria, which causes users to feel very happy with average negative side effects such as dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, dizziness, anxiety and headache. This strain treats ailments and are good for daytime use. As with most Sativas, the Amnesia Haze strain is often recommended for people dealing with depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders. To a lesser degree, it may also alleviate nausea, migraines, inflammation and other minor aches and pains.

Blue Dream

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Humboldt Seed Organisation
21% (15% average)

Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is known to be among the best tasting strains. The buds are light green sticky nuggets covered in bright orange hairs. A few hits of this medication will not only envelope users in a warm euphoric glow but will also fill users with energy and creativity. Accompanying the powerful cerebral effects is a strong body high without the lazy feelings imparted by Indica dominant strains. Patients report feeling happy, focused and relaxed when medicating with small doses. Dry mouth and eyes aside, users may also experience paranoia, dizziness and occasional anxiety (especially in larger doses).

This strain is perfect for use as morning medication, giving users the energy and uplifted moods to tackle their to-do lists. Blue Dream is most often used by those suffering from mood, stress and anxiety disorders, such as chronic depression or PTSD. The strong body high makes it a good choice for daytime pain relief as well. Blue Dream has also been known to induce munchies making it useful to those that suffer from nausea and anorexia. While most users feel energized by this strain, some dealing with insomnia also find relief from their sleepless nights from use of this strain so long as they use it at least 2 hours before bed.

Blue Dream is a true hybrid, half Sativa and half Indica, a cross between Blueberry (Indica) and Haze (Sativa). It is recommended that you grow Blue Dream indoors since when the strain is grown outside it can be overly susceptible to spider mite infestations. The strain flowers in about 70 days and can produce up to 600 grams per 1000 watts or per square meter. There have been reports of Blue Dream grown outdoors with yields up to seven pounds per plant.


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21-22% (17% average)

Candyland is the winner of the 2012 KushCon Cup for 1st place Sativa. This breakthrough strain engineered by GDP's Team has patients buzzing with excitement and it definately lives up to the hype! This was created using our Bay Platinum Cookies and the proven GDP male. The smooth, tight, dense buds are a pale shade of soft green highlighted with a trace of darker green and coated with tiny, pure cyrstals that fill up every hidden nook and cranny. Upon closer examination, there is a subtle sexy array of long, dark golden hairs that beautifully highlight each nugget. Candyland's medical properties include pain management, muscle relaxation, mood enhancement, and is a fantastic social stimulus.


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Ministry of Cannabis

The word carnival reminds you of a happy atmosphere all around, to Venice and the thousands of people dressed like centuries ago, or to Rio, Brazil, where millions of people go crazy just for a few days a year. This strain has been designed to bring the carnival into your mind. The entire process of selection and crossing has been made in Spain. This is a cross between a Haze mother and a particular individual mostly sativa as father. Carnival has an extremely high content of thc: the laboratory test on our sample has shown an amazing 23,2%. This is not the only good note, the flowering time is really short for a plant that is 80% sativa.

Genetics: Haze
Type: 82% Sativa
Indoor Flowering: 9 weeks
Outdoor Harvest:

400-450 gr/m2





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Humboldt Seed Org.

Chemdawg is said to be the parent of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, and the original plant comes from a seed in a bag of high-quality bud bought by Chemdawg the breeder itself, who developed new lines deriving from the original genetic. The smell is strong, a combination of pine and jet fuel, and the high is very strong, not recommended to unexperienced users.All of the Diesel strains (Sour, Headband, NYC Diesel) originate from Chemdawg.

Critical Kush

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Barney's Farm

An unusual blend of fine genetics. Critical Kush is a blending of  the famous Critical Mass with OG Kush. This is a powerful and extremely vigorous indica plant, yielding huge amounts of beautiful stoney kush. Flowers in just 8 weeks indoors, and grows medium height with great flower-to-leaf ratio. Take pleasure in it's sticky feel, aromatic sent, crystal-covered buds and knockout-stoney high. The kush taste is unmistakable, and the yield per plant phenomenal. This new hybrid  is a significant advance in modern marijuana breeding. It's Indica-dominant nature makes it ideal for  relaxation, pain relief, and late night smoking.

Genetics: Critical Mass x OG Kush
Type: Indica
Indoor Flowering: 55-60 days
Outdoor Harvest: end of September
Height: 80-90 cm
Yield: >750 gr/m2
THC: 25%

Critical Neville Haze 2.0

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Delicious Seeds

To develop Critical Neville Haze at Delicious Seeds we crossed Critical Mass with a superb specimen of the original Neville Haze. The latter is a very famous clone and really difficult to find and means that this strain possesses some haze characteristics that are very difficult to beat. Compared to its sativa predecessor, this strain is quicker and simpler to grow indoors. The main factor that needs controlling is the height as this strain grows tall and looks like and has the same morphology as a pure sativa. Outdoors, and especially if planted directly in the ground, develops tremendously with large branches that sprout in all directions. The flowering phase is short and it could be ready in just 70 days. Typical haze aroma of spices with hints of wood or coffee. Floral back notes can also be detected. The taste, like the smell, is of strong incense with added menthol or pine notes. Very strong sativa effect. Hardly any bodily effects except for mild arousal. Not sedative or narcotic. Occasional users may find the psychological effects of this strain too intense. Notwithstanding, experienced sativa smokers will find this strain a delight that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Genetics: Critical Mass X Neville Haze
Type: mainly Sativa
Indoor Flowering: 60-70 days
Outdoor Harvest: 1st week November
Height: tall
Yield: 450-500 gr/m2
Aroma: haze, incense, coffee, mint, pine
High: euphoric
THC: 23,5%

Dedoverde Haze

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Humboldt Seed Org.
24% (18% average)

For those who don't know, Haze was born in California, and from there she conquered the whole world. In the late 90's, Breal got a few clones from a friend in Redding, CA, that was the original "California Haze". The genetics have been kept in the crew and maintained by Kief Sweat for many years, also being used in our Dedoverde Haze Auto line. Our Dedoverde Haze is a F1 cross of Amnesia ( NL) x California Haze ( LA), it's extremely potent and has an amazing yield. The taste is an explosion of Haze spice and Kool Aid "fruit punch", with a sweet pine finish leaving a lingering vibrant aroma in your mouth. For mainly sativa like taste and effect it has a remarkably quick flowering time, and has no problem with high nutrient levels as she is like an overweight girl looking for her next triple burger. She has a very high terpenoid and resin content, which makes her extremely strong, not for beginners!

Jack Herer

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Sensi Seeds
24% (17% average)

Jack Herer is an award winning, mostly Sativa strain bred by Sensi Seeds. The strain delivers a fast-acting, soaring high that lifts moods and leaves users happy. It can make users feel energized as well, inducing an urge to get out and do something. This strain has also been known to spark creativity and has been reported as increasing focus in adults with both ADD and ADHD. Users still stand the chance of experiencing paranoia, anxiety and dizziness and nearly all will encounter some dry eyes and mouth. Due to the Sativa-based high this strain produces its most often recommended for stress, anxiety and mood disorders. While the Indica side can relax muscles and ease mild aches; like the kind suffered by patients with fibromyalgia, it is generally not prescribed for serious aches and pains. It is, however, chosen by some patients to jump-start their appetite and settle their stomachs (especially those suffering from nausea, bulimia and anorexia).

Jack Herer’s lineage is comprised of mostly Haze with some Northern Lights and a little Skunk #1. It is named after a legendary author and activist with the same name. The strain has likely been around since the early nineties but may even date back to the late 1980′s. Since then the strain has been refined and has gone on to win 2 High Times Cannabis Cups and 12 High Life Cups. Subsequently other breeders have selectively bred or tried to imitate this strain with many releasing their results under the same name. The strain grows quite well outdoors being ready in the middle of September for harvest. It flowers around 62 days (on average) when grown indoors. Jack Herrer is known to yield up to 400 grams per 1000 watts if taken care of properly indoors.