Shopping Process


1. We receive your order. You receive an automatic copy of your order (do not delete this copy!)

2. Approval process > review your details, check stock, respond to special requests, etc.

3. We send the final invoice with payment details.

4. We receive payment. Your order status is updated same day.

5. Order is prepared for shipping.

6. Order is shipped and order status updated same day.


Currency and exchange rates

All orders are invoiced in Euro by default and this is used as basis for currency conversion. USD amount is also shown by default in the shopping cart.

We accept USD, CHF, GBP and EURO as cash payment. 

You can change currency in the shop with 'Pick your currency' above our logo. This is based on mid-market internet rates and is only approximate.

Our sales team will send you the amount in USD (or other preferred currency) according to the daily exchange rate of our bank after you place your order.


Changing an order or corrections

If you made a mistake in the order (wrong address or product, etc.) you can contact us to correct it for you. Our sales team also reviews all orders to check if the name and address fields are properly filled out and will contact you if there is any doubt or unclarity.

Special notice: some customers are using our friendly service to make repeated changes to their orders. While we gladly make a required change, it is unreasonable to expect us to do this more than 2 times! Therefore, we kindly request that customers consider carefully what they want to order before sending it in. We will charge a processing fee for each change after two revisions.


Ordering offline

Customers without an internet connection, or who do not want to correspond via email, can also request our mailing address to send in the order via snail mail.


If you have ordered but not received the final invoice from our sales team:

We respond to all emails and orders as quickly as possible. 

1. Please make sure that you send us an email that works.

2. Look into your spam folder or check spam settings.

3. If you ordered over the weekend please wait until Monday for a response. We do not work on local holidays and this can delay a response by one day. Occasionally power shortages and internet problems may interfere with our regular timely response.

4. In case our server is blocked by your email provider and we receive a notification about this issue we will contact you over another email. 

5. If you have waited more than 2 business days and not heard from us please send an enquiry to: shop@mandalaseeds.com  


Attention: please do not send orders with an email that starts with www. This is usually invalid and your order cannot be processed.

Spam blockers: if you use a spam blocker please add our email shop@mandalaseeds.com to your safe list before ordering.


Returning customers

Please do not send cash payments to our office without placing an order and receiving an invoice from our sales team! All orders have to be approved and international customers must wait until they receive the correct amount in their currency... currency rates are calculated according to our daily bank rate.