Dear Customers, Please note that there is a minimum purchase amount of 18,- Euro required in the shop for Europe and 35,- for international orders. If you wish to place a smaller order please contact one of our resellers.

We accept the following payment methods:


We accept USD, CHF, GBP & EUROS as cash payment. Click on "pick your currency" to see the approximate amount (online mid-market rate) in your currency in the shop. 

Complete your online order and wait for our invoice which contains the total sum in your local currency (according to the daily exchange rate of our bank) and our mailing address. We recommend cash payment for optimal discretion.

Due to difficulties in exchanging CAD we request that Canadian customers pay in USD. 







  5% Discount on all cash payments!
Applied to your order after we receive it.



We accept Paypal (except for U.S.A/Canada). Payment can be made with or without a Paypal account. Wait for our invoice after you place your order. There is a small processing fee of 2%.





Payments in cryptocurrencies can be accepted for customers outside Europe such as U.S.A/Canada, etc.



Bank transfers within Europe can be made to our discreet business account. Complete your online order and wait for our payment instructions for a wire transfer (this works only over a bank account and not with paying cash at a counter unless you are in Spain).

UK customers: please purchase via Paypal. UK banks charge excessively high fees for transfers from GBP to the Eurozone.


Sending cash

We provide a secure address and detailed instructions to ensure that your letter reaches us safely. We guarantee optimal security within our company. There are no customs inspections for letters in Spain.

You are requested to send your payment with registered air mail for optimal safety. There are several services available ranging from economical such as First-Class Mail registered to express delivery via Priority Mail and Global Express Guaranteed® (USA).

International money order (IMO) and checks

We do not accept IMO or postal money orders because they cannot be processed in Spain.

We do not accept checks because the fees are high and time for bank clearance takes 4 weeks.


Prices in USD

In your shopping basket the USD amount is shown next to the Euro prices by default.

You can also click on 'Pick your currency' above our logo to see USD.

The actual USD price will be slightly higher because we, and payment institutions like Paypal, have to go by the bank rate.

Complete your online order and wait for our personal e-mail response which contains the total sum in USD according to the daily exchange rate of our bank.