Shopping Cart FAQ

I don't see prices in the shop...
I can't add products...

This usually happens when you revisit the shop after our seasonal break and the old internet data is still stored in your browser.

1. To update please refresh your browser window. Press F5 on keyboard as shortcut.

2. If that doesn't help you should clean your internet cache / browsing history (usually best solution).


My shopping cart is not working.

1. Please refresh your browser window. Press F5 on keyboard as shortcut.

2. If that doesn't help clean your internet cache (usually best solution).

3. Use another browser.

4. Try again in an hour... you may be online while we are doing product updates to the shop.


Pages in the shop don't load properly.

All of the above...


Help! I can't get checkout to work - already tried another browser...

Don't worry, we are here to help. Send in your order via email: 


What is 'Santu'?

'Santu' is an e-commerce solution created by one of the leading shop software developers ShopFactory.

Our shop operates with ShopFactory software which offers an easy, safe and functional online shopping experience.

We use advanced features of Santu's secure encrypted services to provide the following for customers:

- secure encrypted ordering
membership account & gift vouchers
- track order status

The membership account is completely optional. You do not have to sign up for this service to buy in our shop!

Santu does not process or accept payments for our shop (such as credit card transactions).

When you send the order you can select Paypal, bank transfer or cash payment. Payments are processed manually by our sales team. Wait for the invoice and payment instructions after sending the order.


Do I have to use 'express checkout'?

No. The 'Santu express checkout' is optional and not necessary. It is an additional benefit for returning customers who do not want to enter their shipping address every time. You do not have to create a password and use this function to buy in our shop!